Blast Protection Minecraft Enchantment

Blast Protection Minecraft Enchantment

Although a large chunk of Minecraft enchantments are intended to add benefits that will make it easier for you to damage or destroy things, many enchantments are designed to protect you from harm.

Blast Protection is a very popular enchantment that can be useful in situations like that where you want defense instead of offense. Keep reading to find out more about how it works, as well as how to use it properly in different situations.

How to obtain the Blast Protection enchantment

You can put the Blast Protection enchantment on any piece of armor, regardless of what type of material the armor is made out of. It can also, interestingly, be applied to a turtle shell because you can wear it as armor. 

If you know how to get other enchantments in Minecraft, then you should be fine with getting Blast Protection as well. You have to either add the enchantment yourself to an existing piece of armor using anvils or enchantment tables, or you have to find an already enchanted item in a chest. 

One key thing to remember is that the Blast Protection enchantment cannot be applied to an item that already has the Protection, Fire Protection, or Projectile Protection enchantments. There is a way to bypass this using commands, but it’s not available if you’re playing the game in survival mode. 

What does the Blast Protection enchantment do

Blast Protection, as the name implies, is an enchantment that protects the player from different types of in-game explosions. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Creeper explosions
  • TNT explosions
  • Bed explosions in the Nether
  • Firework Rockets

The specific number for this enchantment is 8% damage negation multiplied by every additional level past 1. For example, with Blast Protection III, the player will have an 8*3% damage reduction from blasts, which adds up to 24%. 

Minecraft Java Edition gives you an additional effect when you apply Blast Protection in the form of knockback reduction. Because each explosion comes with a knockback effect, in Java Edition, wearing Blast Protection will reduce the knockback by 15% multiplied by the level of the enchantment. 

When enchanting multiple pieces of armor, keep in mind that the effect does not stack, and it instead uses the highest value you have equipped. So, if you have a helmet with Blast Protection III and boots with Blast Protection I, you will receive damage as if you only have Blast Protection III. 

Where can you use the Blast Protection enchantment 

Other than the obvious protection against rogue creepers during the night, Blast Protection can be useful when you want to prank and troll your friends in Minecraft.

For example, if you set up a TNT trap in your friend’s house, but you only want the TNT to kill them and not you, Blast Protection will save you from the explosion. Subsequently, it can also be useful if you’re expecting a friend to drop TNT on you. 

Key Takeaways

To sum everything up:

  • Blast Protection is an enchantment that can be applied to all types of armor.
  • It cannot be stacked with Protection, Fire Protection, or Projectile Protection.
  • It reduces damage by 8% multiplied by the level of the enchantment.
  • In Java Edition, it also reduces the knockback of the explosion by 15% multiplied by the level of the enchantment.
  • The levels of multiple pieces of armor enchanted with Blast Protection do not stack. 

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