Channeling Minecraft Enchantment

Channeling Minecraft Enchantment

With new editions of Minecraft, new enchantments are regularly added to use on new items. Many enchantments can be added to swords, bows, and armor, but with new updates, there are also new enchantments for new types of weapons, such as tridents. In this article, you will learn what the Minecraft Channeling enchantment can do on tridents.

How to obtain the Channeling enchantment

Channeling is an enchantment in Minecraft that can be found in many places on the world map or can be added to tridents with enchantment tables and anvils. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, an enchanted book with Channeling can be fished out of the water.

It is incompatible with the Riptide enchantment, meaning that a trident cannot have both unless you use commands. 

What does the Channeling enchantment do?

In simple terms, the Channeling enchantment summons a bolt of lightning when thrown against a mob under specific conditions.  There needs to be a thunderstorm occurring, and the mob must be exposed to the open sky.

However, in Java Edition, this will not work if the mob is in any liquid, such as water or lava, or in powder snow, cobweb, soul sand, or honey blocks. It also doesn’t work if the mob is in a  moving vehicle, such as a minecart or a boat. However, it will still work if the vehicle is stationary. 

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It can also be used on a lightning rod. 

Where can you use the Channeling enchantment? 

The Channeling enchantment is useful if you want to create special versions of mobs in vanilla Minecraft. These special mob variants include:

  • Turning a regular creeper into a charged creeper
  • Turning a villager into a witch
  • Turning a pig into a zombified piglin
  • Turning a mooshrooms into its opposite-colored variant

Sadly, the lightning created from a Channeling enchantment’s effect cannot spawn a Skeleton Horse.

However, it can be useful for PVP reasons, as hitting a player with it will hit them with lightning as well. Since lightning also creates fire in-game, Channeling can be useful against players in PVP who do not have Fire Protection on their armor. 

Key Takeaways

Finally, we can summarize that when discussing the Channeling enchantment, these things are important:

  • It is an enchantment that can be applied to tridents
  • In addition to regular ways of obtaining it, Minecraft Bedrock Edition also allows you to fish it out of the water
  • It is incompatible with Riptide
  • When there is a thunderstorm, tridents enchanted with Channeling spawn lightning strikes
  • It is useful to convert regular mobs into their special variants
  • It can also be used in PVP situations, as it works on other players as well

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