Minecraft Cod Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Cod Guide

The players can find aquatic mobs across the place being both passive and hostile. Across these, one of the most common is cods. These mobs are simple and spawn in decently big numbers. A consistent amount of them will be found throughout all types of ocean biomes, so make sure to look for them when possible. Let us check more about these mobs with an overview of Minecraft cod.


Minecraft Cods are aquatic mobs found in oceans. These mobs are rather common, being located in most of the oceans throughout the world. They will spawn in normal, cold, and lukewarm oceans evenly. However, that’s not all. Cod also spawns inside deep versions of the oceans, meaning most, if not all, of the types of oceans are covered.

The cod will usually be in groups. These groups can exceed the usual ca[ they have of 3 to 6, or 4 to 7 in Bedrock edition, as the cod can spawn near enough to each other to overlap with the other group.

Of course, as you would expect from a fish, cod cannot survive outside of water. Once they are put outside, they will flip to the side while trying to get back into the water. If a cod is left outside the water for over 10 seconds, it takes suffocation damage until it dies.

Cods Behavior

Cods swim around in schools of up to 9 cod in Minecraft. These schools can be found in any ocean and will have their numbers dependent on random generation. However, a single school could be a great way to stock up on food if you are planning for longer exploration.

Cod will get attacked by other aquatic mobs, such as axolotls but cannot retaliate on their own. That behavior is due to cod lacking any form of attack. Eventually, cod will either escape the attacker or get killed.

It’s possible to affect these mobs with an impaling enhancement, which will deal extra damage to cod. This enhancement affects all aquatic mobs aside from Drowned and can be pretty fruitful for underwater excursions. However, this functionality is only present in Java Edition.

Lastly, it’s possible to pick up cod by using a bucket of water on them. By doing so, the player will get a bucket of fish which can then be used to toss out the cod wherever they want to.

Cods Drops

A cod can drop raw cod when killed in Minecraft. This drop stays the same no matter what level of Looting we have. Should you kill a cod with fire, it will drop as cooked cod instead.

A bone meal also has a 5% chance of dropping from a cod. However, this drop is also not affected by Looting, no matter its level. Additionally, bone meal only drops in Java Edition. This drop is replaced with a 25% chance to drop 1 or 2 bones in Bedrock Edition.

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