Minecraft Ender Dragon Guide, Attacks and Drops

Minecraft Ender Dragon Guide

At the last stretch of Minecraft, we will face off against the strongest mob in the game, the Ender dragon. This mob is filled with all sorts of attacks and abilities. With all those dangers on hand, it fits as a final boss. Let’s get into more detail about this imposing boss by going over Minecraft Ender dragon.

The End

A special biome that signals the final stage of the game, hence the name, the End, is an eerie area with unique details in it. It looks like an alien dimension whose key block is an end stone. It is full of Endermen and Shulkers, which can pose a danger when passing through, but the key danger will be the boss of the biome.

To even enter the End, you need to find a stronghold. These are unique structures that hold portal rooms within. There, we can activate the portal to travel to the End. To activate it, we will require 12 end portal frames with the eyes of enders. There is a chance some of them will be filled out, but it’s unlikely all will be present.

Ender dragon

Reaching the ender dragon will have us facing a huge flying mob. This mob will spawn as soon as we enter the End. Ender dragon is the game’s largest mob, making it even tougher to fight.

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Minecraft Ender dragon flies around the area, attacking from the sky for most of the fight. With the extra trouble of its many attacks. The defeat of this dragon leads to the end credits, a portal back to Overworld, and one which provides us entry to the outer end islands.

All these details combined make Ender dragon the most rewarding boss to fight. Even after being killed, it’s possible to summon the Ender dragon again. You can do this by placing four end crystals on the exit portal. After a brief cinematic moment of the End restructuring, the ender dragon will spawn at a specific point.

Ender Dragon Attacks

Melee attacks of the Ender dragon deal 6 damage. It’s a simple attack that will cause a decent amount of damage. The damage will get decently high with difficulty increasing though.

With the wings, the Ender dragon can cause a few more problems. The wings of this mob are quite wide, making it easy to get hit. However, they don’t do much damage, only 3 per hit. The wings can launch us in the air though.

A dragon’s breath is another weapon in its arsenal. We will have a rougher time avoiding it. This attack deals 3 damage per second, so while it may not deal much damage initially, it will stack up. Be careful and get out of it as soon as possible.

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Lastly, the dragon has a fireball weapon. This is an intense source of damage. A fireball will do 6 damage per second. It’s possible to end up being wiped out by a single bad hit which has us burning for a while.

Ender Dragon Drops

The Ender dragon drops a whopping 12,000 experience points in Minecraft, enough to immediately launch the player dozens of levels. Of course, you’ll probably have a few levels of this point, but that’s good enough to have.

We will find a dragon egg above the central bedrock. The dragon egg is completely decorative and does nothing on its own. You can place it wherever. It also illuminates the area slightly with merely a light level of 1.

If you choose to, you can attack the egg. The egg will then teleport somewhere nearby. It’s a fun little game but doesn’t have any proper utility. However, the dragon egg itself is a great showcase of having bested the Ender dragon.

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