Fire Aspect Enchantment in Minecraft Guide

Fire Aspect Enchantment in Minecraft Guide

What is the fire aspect in Minecraft? Fire Aspect Minecraft in is an enchantment that you can only put on your sword to deal fire damage, doesn’t matter the type. It can be made or found from different sources. Today in this lovely article, we’re going to discuss how much damage the enchantment does, which enemies it is effective against and why you should use it. Without furtherly prolonging the intro, let’s get into it!

What is the Fire Aspect?

Fire Aspect Enchantment in Use
By fire be purged.

It’s an effect on your sword that causes your enemies to be set on fire when attacked. It’s a cool enchantment to have on your sword and it’s not exactly hard to find as well, it can be found in random chests, treasures, crafted from enchantment tables, bought from villagers, or just dropped from fishing. 

It’s also worth adding that this enchantment performs poorly in the Nether, as mobs such as Striders, Ghasts, Blazes, Wither Skeletons, and other mobs won’t take any fire damage at all. 

Fire Aspect I

The first level of this enchantment, it’s useful to have and you can consider yourself lucky if you find it super early in the game. The enchantment deals 3 points of damage that doesn’t stack with the next hits. The duration of effect lasts 4 seconds on mobs.

Fire Aspect II

The second level of this enchantment in Minecraft, the only notable difference is that it deals 7 points of damage and it’s slightly harder to find and it lasts 8 seconds on mobs. Don’t expect this enchantment to be anything special though, it won’t magically work against mobs in the Nether!

Fire Aspect is effective against?

Fire Aspect effective against pretty much every mob, except the Enderman – the damage from the fire will make it teleport all the time, making it very annoying to kill. As I’ve stated before, this enchantment won’t fare well in the Nether.

One interesting thing is that if you kill cows, sheep, pigs, or any other animal that drops meat, the meat will cook itself automatically thanks to this enchantment – it’s useful, as you don’t have to waste time placing a furnace to cook it. Also, keep in mind that this enchantment is worthless if mobs are underwater!

Few tips about the Fire Aspect I/II

  • The Looting enchantment won’t trigger if mobs die to fire from the Fire Aspect
  • Endermen and skeletons won’t be immune to fire in the Nether
  • Fire Aspect won’t work with Sweeping Edge(cleave enchantment)
  • If you kill an animal in water with 1 hit, you’ll get cooked meat


We’ve discussed the fire aspect enchantment in Minecraft with strong attention to detail, explaining how much damage each level does, and what mobs it’s effective against, discussed various mechanics behind this enchantment, and in the end, I included a few tips and tricks! Hope you enjoyed this article and thank you for taking the time to read it.

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