Minecraft Goat Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Goat Guide

Mountain areas are filled with their own unique mobs. The different climates will afford unusual mobs to crop up too. These include interesting creatures like goats. While the appearance of these mobs are regular, their behavior isn’t. Mostly focused on jumping and ramming mobs, goats are present across mountains. The players will explore the overview of these mobs below with Minecraft goat.


Goats are the more notable ones among the neutral mobs that players can encounter in Minecraft, at least in the mountainous biomes. These mobs are among some players who may consider taming for the benefits they offer. A goat is a rather skilled climber that can jump high as well, making it a bit tough to reach. Oftentimes, chasing after goats can result in a player falling off a high mountain and dying.

These mobs will often spawn on snowy slopes and jagged peaks. However, they do require a level 7 or higher light level. The usual groups of goats will be with 2 or 3 members. Individually spawning goats are also present, but they happen after world generation. With either of these groups, there is an extra 5% chance of a goat spawning as a baby.

Goat Behavior

As you may imagine, goats in Minecraft behave similarly to real-life wild goats. Climbing steep hills and mountains instead of dwelling on level ground. This behavior is made possible by their reduced fall damage. This reduction of fall damage goes up to 10, making certain falls completely harmless. It’s possible for goats to jump as well, making them less likely to fall prey to certain hazards.

A goat jumps when there are obstacles or hazards to clear. These include pits, holes, damaging patches of land, or powder snow. The goat will make a rather high jump which can go up to 10 blocks vertically. Their passive fall damage resistance can also reduce additional fall damage from this jump.

However, there are a few rules to this jump:

  1. The goat has to prepare before jumping, lowering its head before a jump commences.
  2. The goat cannot jump multiple times in a row. Requiring 30 to 60 seconds in order to jump again. During this period, the goat still takes reduced fall damage.
  3. It cannot jump if it finds itself in a honey block.

Goat Attack

Goats’ main type of attack is ramming. They do not necessarily get agitated as much as they instigate ramming. The goat will ram any unmoving mob as long as it is close enough to it. This includes players as well as most other mobs. 

The only exception in terms of mobs are ghasts and other goats. They will prepare and then charge, dealing 1 to 3 damage while knocking the target back a decent distance. If a mob falls down a cliff after this attack, they will take extra damage.

Goat Drops

Goats do not drop anything but experience if killed in Minecraft. However, getting goat horns from them is possible if they miss their ram attack and hit a solid surface. These horns can come in variants and will be randomly determined.

Another potential drop we can get is by using a bucket on a goat. This will result in the bucket turning into a bucket of milk, giving the goats some extra usage as far as collecting materials go.

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