Minecraft Horse Breeding Guide

Minecraft Horse Breeding Guide

If you are looking to breed horses in Minecraft, then you need to know how to breed horses properly. Horse breeding requires you to feed the animals properly. This will allow the foal to grow up and become a horse. Feeding the animals will also help the foal to mature faster. Once the horses are fully fed, they will enter into love mode and breed.

You can find horses in the plains, savanna, and village stables. The plains are grassy fields, while the savanna is filled with tan grass. Unlike villages, horses are not found in every biome. You can find stables in savanna biomes and plains biomes, but not all of them contain stables.

Find the Horses

Find the Horses

The first step in breeding a horse is to mate it with two horses. The parents of a horse will usually share the same traits, so if one parent is fast, a foal will have a similar speed. The foal will also share the parent’s HP and Jump Height. In addition to this, the foal can have random markings and coloring. Breeding a horse can take some time, so be patient and don’t try it on the first day.

Horses are the perfect companions for players who enjoy exploring the game’s overworld. Their high movement speed allows them to travel thousands of blocks more quickly than the player himself. If you plan on traveling a lot, you should definitely consider breeding a horse.

Tame both of them

An important step in breeding horses in Minecraft is to feed them golden apples. You can loot golden apples from chests or grow your own. If you don’t have any, you can craft golden apples by spending eight gold ingots and one piece of the original food. After feeding them, they will enter “love mode,” which is required to breed.

You can also feed your horses apples, carrots, or sugar. Each of these items increases the chance of taming a horse by 5%. Gold apples and golden carrots will increase the chance by 10%. However, you should be aware that these items are rarer than regular apples and sugar.

Once you have both tamed your horses, you can begin breeding. This will require some patience. You will have to try a few times before you get the perfect match. You must repeat the entire process with the other parent horse.

Craft golden carrots

You will need two golden carrots and two gold ingots to breed your new horse. These are found in chests. The gold ingots are cheaper than gold nuggets, but they’re still more expensive than carrots. Carrots can be found in the plains and savannahs.

Golden carrots and apples can be found in the world, and you can also purchase them from Villagers and oak trees. They can also be obtained by breaking down gold ingots.

Feed and breed

In order to breed a perfect Minecraft horse, you need to feed your horse properly. When your horse is properly fed, red hearts will appear over its head. You can also feed your horse with other items in the game. Once you’ve fed your horse, the process will begin, and the horse will turn towards you. Breeding takes about 20 minutes, and you can also speed up the process by using various feeding items.

Horses spawn with random stats. However, by selective breeding, you can produce a fast and healthy horse or donkey with jump strength and speed. However, this method is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. For this reason, it’s best to breed more than one horse at a time.

You can breed a horse in any version of Minecraft. However, you need to have at least 40 apples and 20 apples for each horse. Having a large number of apples makes breeding and taming your horse faster and easier. After you’ve tamed your horse, you can feed it with apples.

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