Minecraft Horse Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Horse Guide

While it is exhilarating to explore on foot in Minecraft, players will find themselves running for far too long to cross certain biomes. This can be helped with some of the mobs that can be mounted. This includes horses which are the oldest mountable mob in the Minecraft. As expected, they provide speedy traversal of the world, with only a few items and a bit of time being required to get this benefit. We will analyze their behavior and quirks more below, in an overview of the Minecraft horse.


Among the passive mobs and tameable mobs, horses are unique in Minecraft. These mobs can be saddled and ridden by players should the proper steps be taken. Players will generally use the horse for this purpose over any other.

Horses will spawn in plains and savannas. They commonly come in herds of 2 to 6, and all members of the herds share the color. Also, 20% of them can spawn as foals. The foals will eventually grow into adults.

Additionally, villages can naturally generate animal pens or stables containing horses. Players can then take these horses for the player’s own use. Often, it’s possible to find saddles for them in this area too.

Horses have a few variants when it comes to their appearance. The horses will also have rather original markings independent of the color. Each color can spawn with any markings but with only one marking at once.

The colors available for this mob are white, creamy, chestnut, brown, black, gray, and dark brown. With all those options and marking combinations, it’s possible to find so many variations worldwide.

Horse Behavior

A horse will wander about, sometimes stopping to eat grass or rear. Their movement will usually have them stay on the meadows where they keep grazing with their herd. Horses will look at a player as it approaches but won’t attack as they are passive.

Horses can have leads used on them without acting off at all. This goes for any type of horse, even if it’s untamed. The horses remain passive even if attacked, so hunting them is risk-free.

Horse Taming

The horses can be tamed with a bit of effort in Minecraft. To tame one, mount the horse with an empty hand repeatedly. Eventually, the horse will stop bucking the player off and become tamed. Otherwise, the process continues. It’s possible to improve our chances of taming the horse by feeding it food. The more we feed it, the better the chances.

Once tamed, the horse can be mounted properly with a saddle. Additionally, they can now be bred with other horses that are also tamed. After breeding, the horse will make a foal. Otherwise, you can breed a horse with a donkey to spawn a mule foal.

Horse Drops

The horse drops leather when killed in Minecraft. It can drop up to two stacks of leather when killed for each level of Looting we have the number of leather stacks that drop go up too. This increases by 1 for each level of Looting you have.

A horse will drop saddle and armor if equipped with them. This makes retrieving some items used on the mob quick, even if the horse itself is killed. Also, the two items can then be repurposed for a different horse.

Other than that, horses drop 1 to 3 experience points when killed and 1 to 7 when killed. However, killing foals grants no experience.

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