How do you swim in Minecraft?

How do you swim in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game with an infinite amount of worlds that generate randomly. You can explore lands, caves, underground mining systems, temples, gather various items, and have an incredible experience.

But you can also swim in Minecraft, which allows you to explore many fascinating things in the oceans, such as ocean monuments, wrecked ships, hidden treasures, as well as ruins. That’s exactly what we’ll talk about – everything you need to know about swimming in Minecraft!

How do you swim in Minecraft?

To swim in Minecraft simply jump into a pool of water and hold your W button. If you want to swim faster, you’ll have to press CTRL and gain a significant amount of speed. Keep in mind that you’ll eventually run out of air, thus don’t stay underwater for too long. 

If you really want to swim fast, get yourself a boat – it costs very little to make and it will get you places in no time!

How do I stay underwater for longer?

1. The best way of staying underwater for extended periods of time is by putting the Respiration enchantment on your helmet. It extends the duration of your underwater breathing for 15 seconds per enchantment level. The maximum level of this enchantment is III.

2. You could also try staying on the magma blocks – they emit bubbles, which allow you to regain some oxygen. Make sure to hold SHIFT, otherwise, you’ll take damage!

3. A less known way of staying underwater is just by simply putting doors under the water – for some reason, they will give 2 blocks of space with no water, which will allow you to regain some oxygen. 

4. Turtle shells are a bit hard to make but they will grant you extra 10 seconds of staying underwater. This effect stacks with the Respiration enchantment. In total, it’s going to be 70 seconds.

5. A water potion by far gives you the most amount of oxygen, although the ingredients might be difficult to find – you’ll need 1 nether wart, which is located in the Nether, one Pufferfish, which spawns only in either lukewarm or warm ocean biomes, as well as a water bottle. If finding these ingredients is not an issue, you’ll be able to breathe for good 3 minutes!

What loot can I find by underwater exploring?

You can find various tools, such as pickaxes, shovels, axes, as well as hoes, which can also have positive or negative enchantments. You can also find food, treasure maps, as well as coal, and some iron/gold ingots. If you’re lucky, you might also find diamonds. Additionally, ocean monuments have rare items – sponges, which absorb water. Useful for making underwater bases!


Tridents are weapons that you can get from the Drowned mobs, which spawn only underwater. There’s a 8.5% chance of it dropping but it can be enchanted with incredibly useful enchantments that allow you to fly or summon lightning strikes.

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