How to Craft and Use Hanging Signs in Minecraft

How to Craft and Use Hanging Signs in Minecraft

Welcome, fellow Minecraft aficionados! Today’s topic of discussion is none other than the interesting and functional Minecraft Hanging Signs. These signs, introduced only in the latest update, 1.20, dubbed “Trail and Tails,” have broadened the scope for creativity in this beloved game. With 11 unique variants based on the type of wood used, these signs have quickly become a versatile tool for players.

What are Hanging Signs in Minecraft?

Until the 1.20 update, Minecraft was devoid of these fascinating hanging signs. However, now, they’re here to make your gameplay even more exciting. They’re basically like the usual signs we’ve had in the game, but with an appealing twist.

Depending on the type of wood you choose to use, you can craft one out of 11 distinct hanging signs. This not only gives you an opportunity to explore but also allows you to customize your space uniquely.

How to Craft Hanging Signs?

How to Craft Hanging Signs?

Eager to get started and craft Hanging Signs in Minecraft? You’ll need six stripped logs that match and a pair of chains. With these materials in hand, crafting hanging signs is as simple as pie. But remember, once crafted and placed, these signs can be mined using any tool.

An axe, though, gets the job done the fastest. It’s also crucial to note that if the block to which the hanging sign is attached is destroyed or moved, the sign will fall off. So, make sure you place it wisely!

How to Use Hanging Signs?

Using Hanging Signs in Minecraft is a fun and straightforward process. They can either be affixed at the bottom or the side of a block. When you choose to place it on the side of a block, a supporting bracket pops up above the sign, adding an extra touch to the aesthetic.

If you opt for the bottom placement, chains will hold the sign up, creating a different visual appeal. The orientation of your hanging sign is largely determined by your direction when you place it.

Delving deeper into the nuances of placing these signs, you can get creative with the angles and chain connections. By sneaking or holding the left shift button, you can link chains in a triangular shape.

This adds a bit of dimension to your sign placement, enabling eight different orientations! The number of chains connected might vary based on how narrow the block is. But remember, the more, the merrier!

In terms of functionality, hanging signs echo their traditional counterparts. As soon as you put it up, the display shows, and you’re free to enter text spanning four lines. Interestingly, the text on the hanging signs is larger than usual, limiting the number of characters you can use.

However, that’s hardly an issue when you can personalize your sign with different dyes to color the text. Furthermore, a glow ink sack from a glow squid can add a fancy outline to your text, and if you change your mind, a normal squid’s ink sack can be used to erase it.

When it comes to player interaction with hanging signs, things get even more engaging. You can walk right through hanging signs if they’re hanging from chains. However, if there’s a supporting bracket, it creates a hitbox that obstructs player movement. Don’t worry, though! You can still walk through the hanging sign without bumping into the bracket if it’s placed on the second block above the ground.

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