How to Get and Use Blackstone in Minecraft

How to Get and Use Blackstone in Minecraft

Welcome to your ultimate guide on how to get and use Blackstone in the enthralling world of Minecraft. Blackstone, a versatile and decorative block, has a host of applications that make your Minecraft experience even more interesting. Let’s dive in and explore how to get this remarkable block and the multitude of ways you can use Blackstone in the game.

What is Blackstone in Minecraft?

Think of Blackstone as Minecraft’s way of adding an aesthetic touch to your virtual world. This decorative block resembles the commonly known Cobblestone and Cobble Deepslate but has its unique characteristics and functionalities. Its distinctive appeal sets it apart from the rest, making it a must-have for any dedicated Minecraft player.

How to get Blackstone?

Mining Blackstone

Getting your hands on Blackstone is a thrilling adventure on its own. The first step is to ensure you have a pickaxe. Without it, Blackstone can’t be mined – it will simply be destroyed. Now, on to where you can strike this valuable resource.

The Basalt Delta biome is a treasure trove of Blackstone. It’s rich in this resource, making it an ideal place to start your mining adventure. However, do note that it’s not all smooth sailing. The biome is characterized by hazardous lava terrain and hostile mobs, adding a layer of challenge to your expedition.

In the Nether, the realm between Y layer 5 and 31, you’ll find Blackstone replacing Netherrack in the sea of lava. The quantity of Blackstone per chunk in this area can range from zero to a whopping 160, making it a hotspot for mining. We recommend focusing your mining efforts around Y layer 16 for the best results.

Finally, the Bastion Remnant structures also house Blackstone. But tread carefully, for hostile mobs lurk within these confines.

Bartering with Piglins

If mining isn’t your cup of tea, fear not, because you can still get Blackstone by bartering with the Piglins. For a gold ingot, there’s an 8.7% chance a Piglin will part with 8 to 16 Blackstone blocks. Do keep in mind, though, that this process requires either a gold farm or a substantial amount of gold ingots. Piglins frequent locations like the Crimson Forest and Bastion Remnant, making these prime spots for bartering.

How to use Blackstone?

How to use Blackstone

Once you’ve secured your Minecraft Blackstone, it’s time to put it to use. In crafting, Blackstone can be instrumental in creating Brewing Stands and Furnaces. If you’re playing in Java Edition, it also comes in handy for crafting stone tools. In addition, you can restore 25 points of durability to stone tools using an Anvil and some Blackstone – a valuable trick to remember.

Despite its similarities with Cobblestone, Blackstone doesn’t serve as a universal substitute in all crafting recipes. For instance, it can’t be used to make dispensers, droppers, or piston. But it shines in other areas. You can craft it into Polished Blackstone Blocks, which can then be further crafted into Blackstone Bricks. From these, you can make stairs, slabs, and walls to decorate your Minecraft world.

Moreover, crafting Polished Blackstone Buttons and Polished Blackstone Pressure Plates is possible, and they perform similarly to their Stone counterparts. Lastly, Blackstone is particularly useful in the Nether, where it serves as an excellent substitute for Cobblestone.

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