How To Get Clay In Minecraft

How To Get Clay In Minecraft

So you’re playing Minecraft and you’re after Clay, right? This stuff is pretty important in the game for a bunch of reasons. This guide’s here to tell you all about finding and grabbing clay blocks. We’ll show you where to look and how to mine them, so let’s get into it.

What is Clay in Minecraft

In Minecraft, clay comes in two kinds: the clay blocks and the clay balls. Clay might not look like much, but it’s actually super useful. When you smash a clay block, you get four clay balls out of it. And what’s cool is, you can turn those balls back into clay blocks, so it’s like recycling.

But there’s more you can do with clay. You can cook clay blocks to make terracotta, or clay balls to make bricks. Doing this gives you a little XP (0.35 for terracotta and 0.3 for bricks), and it’s also a way to get some color into your builds, since terracotta can be dyed into 16 different shades.

How To Get Clay Blocks

Finding Clay Blocks

Looking for clay in Minecraft? You’ll want to check out places with water. We’re talking swamps, beaches, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Clay loves hanging out there. But, just a heads up, how much clay you find can be pretty hit or miss, depending on where you’re at.

If you’re more into cave exploration, lush cave biomes are a good bet for finding clay blocks. These places are packed with green stuff like drip leaf, moss, azalea grass, glow berries, and spore blossoms, and yup, they’ve got clay blocks chilling on the pond floors too.

Another spot to peep is mangrove swamps. Look around for mud blocks in these areas because where there’s mud, there’s often clay. So, keep your eyes peeled, and you might just hit the jackpot with clay blocks.

Obtaining Clay Blocks through the Hero of the Village Effect

Hero stuff in Minecraft pays off, not just in bragging rights but in actual rewards. Take down a Pillager Captain and you get this “Bad Omen.” Walk into a village with it, and a raid kicks off. Beat the raid, and bam, you’re the “Hero of the Village.” What’s cool is, mason villagers will start tossing clay blocks at you as a thanks. Just a heads up, they can’t do this non-stop. There’s a bit of a wait time before they can chuck another block your way.

Obtaining Clay Blocks through Drying Mud Blocks

Here’s a twist on getting clay in Minecraft. Mud blocks, which you can find in mangrove swamps or make by splashing water on dirt blocks, can turn into clay blocks. How? Just dry them out with pointed dripstone. It takes around seven minutes, but hey, it’s a pretty neat way to stock up on clay.

Mining Clay Blocks

When it comes to picking up clay blocks, any tool works. But if you’re in a hurry, a shovel is your go-to. Crack open a clay block with it, and you’ll get four clay balls. Wondering about using enchanted tools? A Fortune enchantment won’t get you more clay balls, but Silk Touch will snag you the block itself instead of breaking it into balls.

Clay Generation

The way clay pops up in Minecraft is pretty wild. The game sets up clay to generate 46 times in each chunk, with blobs anywhere from 0 to 160 in size, at any level. In lush caves, you’ll find loads of it on pond floors. Plus, clay blobs aren’t picky about where they appear. They can form underwater in swamps, beaches, and more, looking like shallow, crystal-shaped disks. They even replace stuff like stone and granite, which is pretty cool.

Clay in Village Structures

But hey, it’s not just the wild where you can find clay. Villages, especially in the houses of masons and the cottages of fishers in taiga villages, can have clay just lying around. So next time you’re visiting a village, keep an eye out for these spots. You might find yourself walking away with more clay than you knew what to do with.

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