How To Get Relic Music Disc In Minecraft

How To Get Relic Music Disc In Minecraft

The universe of Minecraft is endlessly expanding, with the arrival of the latest Minecraft 1.20 update introducing a new item, the Relic Music Disc. The soundscape of this new disc has been meticulously crafted by Aaron Serov, adding another dimension of immersive audio experience to the game.

This music disc is a treasure that you can only unearth through the engaging archeology feature introduced in the same update. Currently available in the Java Edition of Minecraft, there are rumors that the Relic Music Disc could soon make its way into the Bedrock Edition as well. Look forward to this enchanting new item in the 1.20 Trails and Tails update.

Understanding the Rarity of the Relic Music Disc

In the world of Minecraft, the Relic Music Disc is more than just a musical item; it’s a rare artifact that adds to the excitement of the game. Known as one of the lewd items, the Minecraft Relic Music Disc is a unique find. To gauge its rarity, consider this: when you place a comparator next to a Jukebox, the Relic Music Disc will emit a redstone signal strength of 14.

That’s not all; the disc’s chance of being found when brushing suspicious gravel is approximately 1.8%. This makes the Relic Music Disc one of around 40 items that can be discovered in this manner within the drill ruin structure, underlining its rarity.

How To Get Relic Music Disc

How To Get Relic Music Disc

If you’re on a quest for the Minecraft Relic Music Disc, two new structures – the trail ruins and drill ruin structures – will be your best friends. Introduced in the 1.20 update, these structures hold the key to finding the disc. Trail ruins are dotted across various biomes like Jungle, Old Growth Birch Forest, Old Growth Pine Taiga, Old Growth Spruce Taiga, and Snowy Taiga.

Keen explorers can spot them near rivers, aquifers, or oceans, recognizable by distinct blocks such as terracotta and suspicious gravel on the surface.

The adventure of finding the Relic Music Disc in Minecraft involves harnessing the power of archeology. You need to excavate the trail ruins, a task that requires a brush, a tool you can craft by combining a stick, a copper ingot, and a feather.

Inside these trail ruins, you’ll find various blocks like dirt, coarse dirt, gravel, and the most intriguing one – suspicious gravel. There are two types of suspicious gravel blocks, rare and common, that look identical but yield different treasures.

In the drill ruin structure, you’ll notice that the suspicious gravel has a slightly different texture compared to the regular gravel. To reveal its secrets, you simply use the brush on it. PC users need to hold down the right-click button, while console players should use the equivalent button for placing blocks.

What makes finding the Minecraft Relic Music Disc even more fascinating is that it cannot be obtained by the usual means of killing a creeper with a Stray or Skeleton. It’s purely an archeological endeavor. The experience can vary dramatically – some players might find the disc in their first attempt, while others might have to brush through over a hundred suspicious gravel blocks before they strike gold.

Moreover, the rare suspicious gravel blocks can hold more than just the Relic Music Disc. They may also contain other items such as armor trimming, smithing templates, and pottery shards. So, if you set out on this journey to obtain the elusive Minecraft Relic Music Disc, remember that patience and persistent exploration will lead you to a trove of fascinating discoveries.

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