How to get Silk Touch in Minecraft

How to get Silk Touch in Minecraft

A Silk Touch is one of the amusing enchantments in playing Minecraft. In order to obtain this, you need to collect specific items which will be discussed in this article. 

The Purpose of Silk Touch in Minecraft

Applying silk touch on weapons like pickaxes or shovels allows certain blocks to drop without breaking outright. With this enchantment, players are able to pick blocks when they normally couldn’t. Obtaining a silk touch is one of the simple objectives of the game.

Another purpose of a silk touch is to relocate a glass or a campfire. This enchantment will help a lot in collecting rare items faster like amethyst, deepslate ores, emeralds, etc. Some players use silk touch to harvest melons.

All Ways to Get Silk Touch in Minecraft

How to Get Silk Touch in Minecraft

When playing Java or other editions, acquiring silk touch can be done simply in two ways: trading and enchanting.


Enchanting by means of using the enchanting book will need certain recipes to complete the silk touch enchantment.


Getting a silk touch from trading an enchanting book with a fellow player is another way of obtaining the enchantment. Librarian villagers for example, are the players to approach when you wish to trade an enchanted book with silk touch.

Crafting an Enchanting Table

Crafting an Enchanting Table

If an enchanting table is not available, construct a new one. The recipe for building an enchanting table are the following:

  • An Enchantment table
  • A number of bookshelves – at least 9 bookshelves placed around the enchantment table
  • A number of Lapis Lazuli – (make it 64)
  • A Netherite Pickaxe
  • A bunch of stone or wooden shovels – these are the cheapest tool you can craft

Steps on How to Get Silk Touch

First, open the enchanting table from the inventory and put the lapis lazuli in the lapis slot. Ideally, 64 lapis will do. 

Second, on the left side slot, place the weapon which you want to apply the silk touch enchantment. You could apply enchantment on an axe, a pickaxe, a shovel, and gardening hoe. On the Bedrock edition, you can get silk touch for shears. 

Lastly, on the right side of the chanting table will be the 3 slots where players can navigate or hover the cursor and see the enchantment that will be the result after applying the silk touch once you click on it. Try applying silk touch on an enchanted book to create more and new enchantment and enjoy playing with it.

Blocks that can be affected by silk touch are: bookshelves, campfires, beehives and bee nests, clay, coal ores, coral blocks, diamond and emerald ores, Ender chest, glass, ice or snow blocks, grass blocks, melons, Lapis Lazuli ores, Mushroom blocks, stones, turtle eggs, etc. 

Final Thoughts

Players can obtain a silk touch enchantment by placing it on a weapon: a pickaxe, a shovel, or an axe. The weapons can be constructed as you explore the game and collected items such as wood, stone, diamond, iron, or a Netherite using a crafting table. Note that Silk Touch does not go with a Fortune enchantment; the first one will override the latter.

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