How to make Leather Tunic in Minecraft

How to make Leather Tunic in Minecraft

Leather Tunic is one type of chest armor that players can craft in Minecraft. They can only be crafted using leather. When equipped, they will give you 3 armor points, but the problem with them is that they have very low durability, so they will wear out fast. In this guide, you will learn everything about Leather Tunic in Minecraft, including how to craft them, recipes, materials that you need, etc. 

Materials to make Leather Tunic

To craft Leather Tunic in Minecraft, you will need 8 leathers. You can get leather by looting chests or by crafting them using raw hides. You will also need a crafting table where you can turn leather into Leather Tunic.

How to craft Leather Tunic in Minecraft 

Open Your Crafting Table

Minecraft Crafting Table 2

Add your materials to the crafting table, like in the images. 8 leather should be on each side of the crafting table and the top slot should be empty. If you do not follow or change patterns in crafting recipes, you will craft different items. 

Place the leather on the crafting table.

Crafting Leather Tunic in Minecraft

Command To Get Leather Tunic

In Minecraft, the command to get Leather Tunic is: /give @p leather_chestplate 1

Leather Tunic Enchantments 

Chestplate Enchantments are important because they can increase stats and make Tunic better. That is why it is important to enchant each piece of gear that you are wearing. Fire Protection, Projectile Protection, Blast Protection, Thorns, Depth, Strider, Soul Speed, Protection, Feather Falling, Unbreaking, Frost Walker, Mending, Curse of Binding, Curse of Vanishing are all enchantments that can be used on Leather Tunic.

Durability of Leather Tunic

The durability of Leather Tunic in Minecraft is 80, which is not that great when you compare them to other types of Tunic. Durability is important because it indicates how quickly items will break down and require replacement.

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