How to Tame Camels in Minecraft

How to Tame Camels in Minecraft

In a world as expansive and ever-evolving as Minecraft, the introduction of new gameplay elements always causes ripples of excitement. The 1.20 Trails and Tails update brought one such addition – Camels.

These captivating creatures, set to make their official entry into the game upon release of the update, now feature in the snapshot versions. They add an exciting layer to the gameplay dynamics, especially in the context of desert villagers and role-playing adventures. But how exactly can you tame Camels in Minecraft? Let’s unravel this!

Appearance and Abilities of Camels

Contrasting the game’s existing rideable mobs, camels command a larger presence. Apart from their impressive stature, they bring to the table a set of unique abilities. One of the abilities that really stands out is their swift forward dash.

This fast-paced movement is a clear advantage when it comes to traversing the expansive Minecraft world. Furthermore, their towering height is not just for show. Players riding on camels gain a tactical edge, as hostile mobs find it challenging to land an attack on the elevated players.

When the desert Biome beckons, head towards the heart of the desert village. The town center is the place where camels can often be spotted. This makes the taming process much more manageable, as you need not go on a long, exhaustive hunt to find them.

Camels in Minecraft exhibit a passive demeanor, eliminating the requirement for taming, which is usually necessary for other mobs. These gentle giants, though, have a tendency to aimlessly wander around. You might just find your camel meandering off into the vast Minecraft landscape, given their nomadic inclinations.

How to Tame Camels and Ride in Minecraft

Taming and Riding a camel is a straightforward process. Unlike horses, you won’t need to tame camels before hopping on. Grab a saddle, approach the camel, and either right-click on it or sneak to access its inventory, where you can place the saddle.

Please note that camels need to be seated for you to begin the riding process. Once you’re on the camel’s back, it feels quite similar to riding any other rideable entity, like horses or saddled pigs. An interesting fact is that camels can accommodate another player, making the desert journey even more fun!

Taming camels in Minecraft includes ensuring they don’t wander too far off. A lead is the perfect tool for this. Attaching a lead to the camel helps keep it within your vicinity, making it follow you. Alternatively, you could also tie the lead to a fence post, thus keeping the camel stationary and easy to locate.

Feeding and Healing Camels

Did you know that cacti, apart from being a vital aspect of the desert Biome, also serve as an essential food source for camels? Not only can cacti be used to heal your trusty camel, but they can also be a catalyst for breeding. Depending on the version you play, carrying a cactus in your hand will have the camel follow you around, albeit within a limited radius. For Java Edition players, this radius is 10 blocks, while Bedrock Edition players enjoy a slightly larger follow range of 16 blocks.

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