How to Unlock Cosmetics in MCC Island?

How to Unlock Cosmetics in MCC Island

Are you thinking about unlocking cosmetics in MCC Island but don’t know how? We have written this guide so you can find and unlock cosmetics to customize your appearance. 

Since Noxcrew made MCC Island public, many players have been trying to get cool customization features. You can play many interesting mini-games that help you collect coins. Later, you can use these coins to get cosmetics.

You can use many ways to unlock and get cosmetics on MCC Island. 

Loyalty Road_ You can find Loyalty Road by clicking on your personal menu. You can level up to keep getting items. In the end, you get a special beanie.

Hidden Vendors_ You can find these vendors everywhere around the map in MCC Island. They will sell you stuff that is either very cheap or expensive.

Market Square_ Here, you can buy cosmetics from Noxstache, Pose Fashion, and Burger but Fast. You buy everything here with coins that you earned from playing mini-games.

Customization kits and Crates_ You can use gems to get these crates or level-up rewards. You can also get them from Rotating Token shops in Game Lobbies. There are different levels of crates and kits, bronze, silver, and gold. With every level, you get rare and unique items.

Token Shops_ There, you can find some accessories and hats. You have to spend tokens to buy cosmetics here, which you can get by playing mini-games on MCC Island.

Faction Reward_ You can also get these cosmetics as a faction reward.

Sky Lounge_ Here, you can buy Trails or Auras. However, you must purchase ranks with real money from the shop to access this.

Buying Store Bundles_You can get a few cosmetics by spending money in the official MCC Island store. If you see someone wearing a founders hat or Founders Aura, that is because they paid for it.

Types of Cosmetics In MCC Island

Types of Cosmetics In MCC Island

There are four types of cosmetics in MCC island that you can unlock.

  • Hats_ There is a lot of variety for hats and hairstyles that players use on their heads. You can usually get them from a barbershop.
  • Accessories _ Accessories are anything you hold in your hand. It can be a spatula or even a laser sword.
  • Trails_ This cosmetic creates a path behind you. You can choose the design of your liking. 
  • Auras_ Similar to Trails, the Auras can be small blocks and gives you a distinctive appearance.

Trails and Auras are the two accessories only Grand Champs can obtain. You can find them in Sky Lounge.

Customization of MCC cosmetics

You can also customize your cosmetics and personalize them or make them look different. To change the colors of your object, use a Chrome Pack. 

Item Variants let you change certain aspects of MCC Island objects. You can find a variant by unlocking blueprints and rebuilding them. You can also buy them from a vendor or find them in Crates and Kits.


We hope this guide can help you unlock cosmetics in MCC Island. It is a great experience to change your appearance and experiment with your skin.

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