Infinity Minecraft Enchantment

Infinity Minecraft Enchantment

Enchantments in Minecraft are a way to make your gameplay easier. Different enchantments can be applied to different types of items, such as armor or tools.

Some enchantments relate to combat, where they either give direct boosts to damage, an additional type of damage, or some sort of utility that goes towards your attacks. One such enchantment is Infinity. Keep reading to learn more about Infinity.

How to obtain the Infinity enchantment

Before anything else, we should establish that Infinity is a bow enchantment in Minecraft and it can only be applied to that item. 

Like all other enchantments, the Infinity enchantment is obtained through enchanting the required item, or using an anvil to combine the bow with an enchanted book. You can find enchanted books in random chests in the wilderness, or as loot dropped by some mobs and fishing. 

Infinity is mutually exclusive with Mending, meaning you can only have one of those two enchantments on the same bow. If you use commands to apply both enchantments to the same bow, both enchantments will work as intended. 

What does the Infinity enchantment do?

Infinity makes it so that you don’t have to use any arrows when you shoot. You can have one arrow and it will count as an infinite number of arrows, meaning you can shoot as many times as you want without worrying about arrow usage. However, you need to have that one arrow in your inventory.

This effect does not apply to special arrows, such as spectral and tipped arrows. Those will be used up as they usually are. 

One small drawback is that you can’t pick up the arrows you shoot if you use the Infinity enchantment on your bow. This is to prevent an exploit that would allow you to farm more arrows by just picking them up constantly. 

If you use commands to apply the enchantment to a crossbow, the enchantment does not work and arrows are consumed as usual. 

Where can you use the Infinity enchantment?

The Infinity enchantment is essential for anyone that wants to use a bow for ranged combat. Arrows can sometimes be expensive to craft as they require items, such as flint, which are not very consistent in their ways to obtain them. 

Key Takeaways

For this bow enchantment, it is important to keep in mind the following key takeaways:

  • Infinity is a bow enchantment and cannot be applied to anything else, unless you use commands.
  • It is mutually exclusive with another bow enchantment called Mending. This means that you can’t have both on the same bows, unless you use commands, in which case they’ll both work fine. 
  • The enchantment makes it so that you only need one arrow for every shot of your bow. This means that as long as you have one arrow in your inventory, it counts as if you have infinite. However, this effect does not apply to special arrows such as spectral or tipped arrows. 
  • This enchantment is useful for any ranged combat using a bow, since it makes it so you don’t have to worry at all about how many arrows you’re using. 

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