Knockback Minecraft Enchantment

Knockback Minecraft Enchantment

Minecraft has a feature that helps you achieve your in-game goals much faster. This feature is the inclusion of enchantments, a group of buffs that you can give to your tools, weapons, and armor to gain effects that make things easier.

One such enchantment is Knockback, which is useful for combat. In this article, we’ll go over the features of Knockback and how you can use it to make your in-game experience more enjoyable. 

How to obtain the Knockback enchantment

Knockback is an enchantment that can only be applied to swords

Similar to all other enchantments in the game, you can obtain the Knockback in Minecraft enchantment by putting your sword on an enchantment table and randomly obtaining the enchantment. Alternatively, you can find an enchanted book in the wild and combine it with the sword on an anvil. 

Knockback is not mutually exclusive with any other enchantment, meaning you can combine it with anything on your sword. 

What does the Knockback enchantment do?

As the name implies, Knockback knocks back enemies on hit. Since weapons have a knockback by default, the enchantment simply multiplies that base knockback. For example, a weapon enchanted with Knockback 1 will push the player back with 105% knockback, and a weapon enchanted with Knockback 2 will push the player back with 190% knockback. 

There are different values for knockback depending on whether the player is sprinting or not, due to acceleration. While sprinting, players can use Knockback 2 to knock a mob back by a whole 6 blocks.

Knockback applies to most, but not all mobs. Exceptions include iron golems, squids and the Warden mob. In Java Edition, the enchantment also works on armor stands, but in Bedrock Edition it does not. 

Where can you use the Knockback enchantment?

Knockback is a very useful combat enchantment. If you’re fighting a player or mob, pushing them back can give you enough time to heal or run away. 

In PVP game modes such as Skywars, Knockback can be very important because it can give you another way to beat your opponents other than killing them. If you use knockback on a floating sky island and hit a player, then they’ll be pushed off the island and fall to their death without you needing to kill them. 

Key Takeaways

You should take note of the following things when talking about the Knockback enchantment: 

  • You can obtain Knockback by either using an enchantment table or an enchanted book on an anvil.
  • It increases the distance entities will be knocked back when you hit them. However, it does not apply to squids, iron golems or the Warden.
  • In Bedrock Edition, the enchantment also does not affect armor stands. 
  • Knockback is a very useful combat enchantment because it gives you a way to give yourself time to heal or run away. It’s also particularly useful in sky-based gamemodes such as Skyblock and Skywars where you can use it to knock mobs and players off platforms and into the void. 

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