Minecraft Llama Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Llama Guide

Llamas are one of the mobs that players can use as beasts of burden. Due to the overall low number of this type of mob, llamas are extremely fruitful. They can be found commonly in certain biomes that appear often enough to make them easy to spot. The following Minecraft llama mob overview will cover what these are and how llamas behave.


A llama is immediately unique by having two variants in Minecraft. A regular llama and a trader llama. These mobs will be tameable yet have certain unique traits. One of those being that both variants come in four different textures. That includes brown, cream, white, and gray coats, determined upon the llama’s spawn. Neutral in nature, llamas are great sources of transport when it comes to items. Additionally, they are great for moving between multiple bases that the mobs make.

With the mobs like these, we can expect pretty regular spawn requirements. The llama will spawn at light level 7, a simple requirement followed by the necessity of a grass block being in the spawn point. In Minecraft Llama spawn in the savanna plateau, savanna, and windswept savanna biomes. All of these savannas are ample spawning grounds for llamas which will spawn in numbers between 4 and 6. 10% of llamas spawn as babies.

Llama Behavior

These neutral mobs have a unique detail and cannot be mounted. Unlike donkeys or mules, which can act as both storage and mount, llamas can’t. A llama cannot have its movement controlled unless with a lead. The lead equipped with a llama will signal llamas that aren’t included in a caravan to join them. They will then follow each other, forming an indirect caravan that can go up to 10 members, including the llama with a lead on it. Each llama can be equipped with a chest and its storage is filled with transporting items.

While they aren’t affected by it in any way, players can give llamas carpets. They are completely cosmetic but could be used by players to identify appropriate items found in chests wielded by a llama.

Lastly, llamas may be neutral but have an attack ready. This one being their spit, which deals 1 damage. This attack will only use this attack if mobs or the player damages a llama. Llamas can be triggered by each other by missing the initial target and hitting another llama. Wolves will get immediately targeted by this spit attack, unless tamed, as soon as they enter the range. Additionally, wolves get scared of some llama and may run away.

Llama Drops

A llama will drop up to 2 leathers when killed in Minecraft. However, that’s not all. The drop will be affected by Looting. For example, scaling up from 2 all the way up to 5 at Looting level 3. This means there is a 0 to 5 drops of leather every time a llama is killed.

Additionally, they will drop any carpets and chests that have been equipped to them. This allows players to repurpose the items in another llama or another place.

The inventory from their chests will also drop from the llamas, so no item will be lost. Any item stored like this will not be lost if the llama dies by something. The player can then pick up a ton of these items.

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