Minecraft Mangrove swamp biome

Minecraft Mangrove swamp biome

A mangrove swamp is among the newest biomes in Minecraft. Dropping into the game with the June 2022 update, the mangrove swamp offers a whole new area to explore, with quite a few unique traits on top. Let’s go through the Mangrove swamp biome and see what it offers.

What is Mangrove swamp biome

The first unique details that you fill find in Mangrove swamp biome are the titular mangrove trees. These are exclusive to the swamp and have quite interesting traits in Minecraft. We will look deeper into them below but what’s important right now are their huge canopies and ability to grow both in and out of water. The swamps will be crowded with these trees, making passage through each mangrove swamp far more difficult but entertaining to engage with.

With these trees hanging overhead, sprouting from each corner, or overlapping into a massive canopy, the swamp will meet the players with an eerie mood. The atmosphere and lighting can be quite a change of pace from standard forests, which does make mangrove swamps fresh to explore. But, of course, the freshness is enhanced by the odd muddy waters, which truly bring over the swamp feel of the place.

The biome shows up in warmer climates, together with places like jungles and deserts. Of course, standard swamps also spawn in these areas, with many variations available. In general, if you find a jungle or a desert, there’s bound to be a swamp nearby.

Mangrove tree

While the mangrove swamp has numerous unique quirks, its most noticeable one is the new wood type. The wood itself is vermillion in color, but the bark has a dark-grey coloring. Plain wood blocks from this tree are an interesting addition to the already available tree types but function much the same as the others.

Crafting-wise, your mangrove tree blocks can be used to make any of the standard wood items. In addition, the mangrove tree variants of planks, fences, slabs, steps, and any other wood item are as readily accessible as you’d imagine. With that in mind, including mangrove trees in your current crafting projects may come quite easily.

Mangrove Swamp Mobs

Mangrove Swamp Mobs

As with every biome, there are some area-specific mobs to go around. These afford a lot more personality to the place and can be useful or dangerous to players while exploring a biome. Some can be found in the biome, while players will find others underground.

Warm frog is the most visible one, being a passive mob with decent spawn weight. They usually spawn in groups of 2 to 5, hopping around the swamp. In that swamp, you can find tropical fishes, which are merely ambient creatures but offer a new flair to the area. Of course, bats are there to make nights more spooky in their ambient appearance too.

In terms of hostile creatures, you can meet quite a few. Spiders, zombies, skeletons, and creepers are the standard for any biome when the night comes. Mangrove swamp also has a chance to spawn two types of slimes. One more common and less dangerous than the other. Zombie villagers are a rare but present sight too along with witches, which have an equal chance of spawning.

Enderman can spawn in this biome as with most others, but his initial passiveness makes the mob less worth mentioning than another rare and dangerous spawn. That spawn is the spider jockey which can be even harder to deal with inside of tight spaces of the swamp where overgrowth can impair movement.

  • creepers
  • endermen
  • skeletons
  • spiders
  • witches
  • zombies
  • frogs
  • bees

Blocks and Vegetation

  • Mangrove Leaves
  • Muddy Mangrove Roots
  • Mangrove Roots
  • Moss Carpet
  • Vines
  • Grass
  • Dead Bush
  • Mangrove Propagule
  • Mud
  • Grass Block
  • Bee Nest

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