Mending Minecraft Enchantment

Mending Minecraft Enchantment

Minecraft enchantments are in-game benefits you can add to some items to get through parts of the game in an easier way.

Some enchantments are incredibly useful because they can be used on a variety of different items and their effects are powerful. One such enchantment is Mending, which you can read about below.

How to obtain the Mending enchantment

Mending is an enchantment in Minecraft that can be applied to almost every armor or tool, including elytra.

Although most Minecraft enchantments can be obtained in a multitude of ways, such as using an enchantment table, trading, or using an anvil with an enchanted book, there are some enchantments called treasure enchantments that can only be obtained by finding it in the wild. You can find it in the form of an enchanted book in villages, strongholds, or any other natural structure.

You then combine it with the item you want to enchant on an anvil, and you’ll get Mending on that item!

Mending is mutually exclusive with Infinity, meaning you can’t have both of those enchantments on the same item. However, Infinity is a bow-only enchantment, so that shouldn’t make it a big problem.

What does the Mending enchantment do?

The Mending enchantment “heals” the durability of the items it is put on. All usable items in Minecraft have durability, which indicates how long the item can be used before it breaks. Mending extends the durability of an item by 2 for every 1 experience point picked up. This only works if the item enchanted with Mending is in your main hand. 

If you have multiple items with Mending, the game randomly selects which item to repair, with no priority assigned to any items. 

There is only one level of Mending.

Where can you use the Mending enchantment?

Mending is overall a very useful enchantment for any item it is applied to. It is relatively easy to get experience in-game even if you don’t actively look for it, since even killing mobs drops it. 

One exception to Mending’s usefulness is for bows, since then you’d need to sacrifice the ability to put Infinity on that same bow, and you could argue that Infinity is a lot more important than Mending on that specific item. 

Key Takeaways

With such an important enchantment like Mending, there are a lot of things to remember to make sure you are using it properly. We’ve summarized them here:

  • It can be applied to almost any armor, weapon, or tool in the game.
  • It is a treasure enchantment, meaning it can only be found as an enchanted book randomly in the wilderness, or through villager trading.
  • Mending is mutually exclusive with Infinity for bows. 
  • It repairs items with damaged durability, with the specific rate being 2 points of durability per 1 point of experience.
  • When you have multiple items in your inventory that have Mending on them, there is no priority, and the game instead randomly assigns which item will be repaired. 
  • Overall, Mending is one of the most useful enchantments in the game, because experience points are very easy to  come by and it would help all your items to have their durability fixed. However, its usefulness for bows is questionable, because most of the time Infinity is a better choice. 

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