Minecraft 1.20 Update: Everything We Know About The Next Update

Minecraft 1.20 Update: Everything We Know About The Next Update

The Minecraft 1.20 update has finally arrived. However, we are unsure if our curiosity has been sated after the live event. Many important things are not disclosed yet. Mojang hasn’t announced the release date of Minecraft 1.20. Similarly, they haven’t revealed the name of the 1.20 update.

So we know that Minecraft 1.20 is coming out in 2023, but its exact date is not disclosed. However, the team has shown some new features that are enough to tickle us.  

What is The Minecraft 1.20 Update Called?

On a live event, Agnes said Mojang has decided not to reveal all the features and the name of the new update. So they are calling it the ‘1.20 update’. Though they have a theme in mind, they want the community to be part of further developments.

 In previous updates, Mojang could not deliver what was promised, which disappointed the community. With that in mind, they want to make this update more ‘Minecraftier.’

1.20 Update Will Have Seven New Skins

1.20 Update Will Have Seven New Skins

Minecraft has introduced seven new default skins in the 1.20 update. These seven characters have different skin tones and names (Makena, Noor, Kai, Sunny, Efe, Zuri, and Ari). Mojang represents all the players from the world through these skins. It will help the players to express themselves and be who they are.

These characters are out now, and Minecraft players can download them.

Camel and Sniffer: Two New Mobs of Minecraft 1.20 Update

Camel and Sniffer

Finally, something we all are excited about, two new passive mobs. Camels are a beautiful addition to the mobs and have some unique features. Unlike horses, you don’t have to train the camels, just put a saddle on them and ride.

For the first time in Minecraft, you can travel with your friends as two people can sit on the camel. Another exciting thing is that they have a dash mode that allows them to jump over rivers. With their height, you will have an advantage over the zombies and husks, as they can’t reach you. It’s amusing how you can breed them with cactus.

Sniffer is another exciting mob and has won the mob vote. Its egg can be found in underwater chest ruins. Sniffers are good at finding the seeds of various plants. 

What is The New Biome Introduced in Minecraft Update 1.20?

Unfortunately, the team didn’t announce any new biome for the 1.20 update, nor did we see any in the trailers. Most likely, the developers are either working on the previous ones or may reveal one later.

New Blocks and Other Items in 1.20 Update

New Blocks and Other Items in 1.20 Update

The 1.20 update, will add new bamboo blocks. You can make planks, doors, traps, windows, stairs, fences, and gates with this bamboo block. The new mosaic bamboo block will have a unique pattern, and players can create new designs with them.

A few other items are;

  1. Bamboo Raft- it’s a raft that essentially performs all the same functions as a boat
  2. Chiseled Bookshelf- keep six books in it, including enchanted books. Also, you can create a secret door by using Redstone.
  3. Oak hanging sign- You can hang this sign with chains in three different positions and can get them in various colors.

Mojang is planning to reveal new features on the way. So we are hoping to see some other updates in the coming months.  

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