Minecraft Suspicious Sand Guide: How to Find and Loot

Minecraft Suspicious Sand Guide How to Find and Loot

If you’re on the hunt for an adventurous exploration experience in the world of Minecraft, the Trails and Tails update introduces an interesting element to seek out – the Minecraft Suspicious Sand.

This fresh block variety stands out with its unique appearance and texture compared to regular sand blocks, opening up a world of exciting possibilities for gamers. Let’s embark on a journey to find Suspicious Sand and uncover the treasures it holds.

Identifying Suspicious Sand

Identifying Suspicious Sand

Spotting the Suspicious Sand in Minecraft may be somewhat of a mystery at first due to its intriguingly different appearance. Unlike the mundane sand blocks, this new variant has a distinctive texture that makes it easy to identify once you’re familiar with it.

Unearthing the mysteries of the Suspicious Sand becomes a thrilling endeavor when you wield the trusty brush tool to excavate it. Once you initiate the excavation, it reveals the surprise of loot items before it unassumingly transforms back into a regular sand block.

Handling of Suspicious Sand

While finding and looting the Suspicious Sand is an enticing adventure, it is important to tread lightly. The Suspicious Sand block is fragile, and mishandling, such as mining it with a silk touch tool or removing the block underneath it, will cause it to break. Therefore, you must excavate the Suspicious Sand precisely where you find it to preserve its loot.

Locations of Suspicious Sand

The journey to find Suspicious Sand in Minecraft will lead you to three unique locations.

Warm Ocean Ruins: Your first encounter with Suspicious Sand might be in the depths of the warm ocean ruins. These ruins, spawning in warm, lukewarm, and deep lukewarm ocean biomes, provide a home to this curious block.

Look around the base of the huts where it blends with regular sand. It’s worth noting that each hut in the warm ocean ruins can house one to four Suspicious Sand blocks.

Desert Wells: The second stop on your Minecraft Suspicious Sand quest might be the desert wells. The occurrence of desert wells in a desert biome is a rare event, making it a thrilling discovery.

The Suspicious Sand is found beneath the water source blocks here. Digging the sand in desert wells uncovers various loot items such as sticks, bricks, emeralds, and even suspicious stew. Additionally, you may stumble upon exclusive items such as the angler shelter snort Pottery shirts and a precious sniffer egg.

Desert Pyramids: Lastly, your Suspicious Sand expedition could lead you to desert pyramids. In the heart of the desert biome, these pyramids harbor Suspicious Sand within a hidden room inside the main chamber. Spotting three sand blocks in a line on the sandstone floor signals the entrance to the buried room.

Upon removing these sand blocks, a staircase leading down to the room reveals Suspicious Sand intermixed with regular sand. From these blocks, you might loot emeralds, gunpowder, TNT, and even diamonds. Exclusive treasures, like the Archer Miner prize and skull Pottery shirts, add to the appeal of the Suspicious Sand in desert pyramids.

Loot from Suspicious Sand

The appeal of the Minecraft Suspicious Sand extends beyond its unique texture, as its ability to yield incredible loot items draws players in. Some of these loots include the much-coveted Pottery shirts and sniffer eggs.

There’s an array of 20 different Pottery shirts, with nine specific to the Suspicious Sand blocks in the aforementioned locations. Each location gifts a unique Pottery shirt, which can be used to craft beautifully decorated pots when combined with bricks. These decorative pots can be adorned with other blocks or house a flower pot with a flower inside.

Desert Pyramids Suspicious Sand

  • Archer Pottery Shard
  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Gunpowder
  • Miner Potter Shard
  • Prize Pottery Shard
  • Skull Pottery Shard
  • TNT

Desert Wells Suspicious Sand

  • Arms Up Pottery Shard
  • Brewer Potter Shard
  • Brick
  • Emerald
  • Stick
  • Suspicious Stew

Warm Ocean Ruins Suspicious Sand

  • Angler Pottery Sherd
  • Coal
  • Emerald
  • Gold Nugget
  • Iron Axe
  • Shelter Pottery Sherd
  • Sniffer Egg
  • Snort Pottery Sherd
  • Wheat
  • Wooden Hoe

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