Minecraft Mooshroom Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Mooshroom Guide

While there are plentiful regular mobs in Minecraft, the odd and unique ones usually stick out the most. As far as these mobs go, mooshrooms are one of the weirdest. They are a mix of mushrooms and cows which are extremely rare to find overall. There are a lot of uses to them and plentiful rules surrounding their behavior. This can make it a bit difficult to get full use out of mooshrooms, but we’ll help you with the following article.


Mooshrooms are exclusive to the mushroom fields biome. They are odd in color and appearance but bear some familiar features of another mob. These are variants of cow mobs with multiple shrooms growing on them, allowing them to take on unique color schemes. The two available ones are red and white, brown and light brown. These are meant to simulate mushrooms found in Minecraft and add more visual flair to mooshrooms.

Despite their odd appearance, they still spawn in herds in mushroom fields. When this biome is at light level 9 or higher and mycelium is present, and the mooshroom herd can spawn. They spawn 4 to 8 mobs and can spawn as babies with a 5% chance. While there are two color schemes, the red and white ones are the only ones that spawn naturally. Brown ones occur when a mooshroom is hit by lightning.

Mooshrooms Behavior

The mooshrooms in Minecraft will behave the same as regular cows. Going aimlessly across green surfaces and grazing occasionally. They also stare at the player without actually doing anything about them. Mooshrooms, just like cows, cannot damage any mob or player due to being passive mobs with no attacks.

Occasionally they will moo, making themselves known. It’s easier to find them as they make these sounds, which will help us breed and tame them too. Mooshrooms follow players holding wheat, and they will avoid any danger, such as lava, while following after.

It is also possible to milk a mooshroom. One form of milking is with a bucket which will give us a milk bucket. However, using a bowl on the cow will result in a mushroom stew. Having both of these options available is great. Milk will remove status conditions, while mushroom stew heals our hunger meter by quite a bit.

Additionally, you can feed a flower to a brown mooshroom before milking them. This will generate a suspicious stew that has effects associated with the flower used. It can only be made by milking a brown mooshroom with a bowl. The effects can be positive or negative, varying in duration as well. It pays to experiment, though.

Mooshrooms Drops

Just like cows, Minecraft mooshrooms drop leather. The drop rate is between 0 and 2. If we get Looting up, this number can get up to 5.

Raw beef is also a drop present with these mobs. Varying between 1 to 3 drops each time a mooshroom is killed and will end up with a max of 6 if we max out Looting.

It’s possible to shear a mooshroom. Doing so will have them drop mushrooms of the corresponding color. However, doing this five times will turn the mooshroom into a regular cow. Mushrooms also don’t grow back, so be careful if you don’t want to lose the mooshroom’s unique abilities.

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