Minecraft Ocelot Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Ocelot Guide

The wild biomes of Minecraft are filled with all types of interesting mobs. Aside from the standard biomes that are filled with more general mobs, interesting exotic mobs are also present. Ocelots are one of those. They have similarities to cats but have certain distinctions too. We’ll point out those and showcase the Minecraft ocelot mobs.


An Minecraft ocelot is a mob that has been around for a bit. Looking like a cat with a bigger size and coloring. They almost exclusively spawn in jungles, meadows being their only location. The proper biomes include jungle, bamboo jungle, sparse jungle, and meadow. 

All of these locations will end up spawning ocelots as long as they have grass blocks that are at sea level. The ocelots spawn in groups of 1 or 2, with each spawn of an adult ocelot being accompanied by a separate roll that determines whether two ocelot kittens will spawn.

Ocelot Behavior

An ocelot behaves similarly to a regular cat in Minecraft. They will attack chickens and baby turtles without caring about most other mobs. The ocelots are sneaking and stalking their prey before chasing it down. It’s also possible for ocelots to survive incredibly high falls, which stems from their immunity to fall damage. A trait they will frequently use when hunting.

The creeper will stay at least 6 blocks away if an ocelot is nearby. The ocelot’s presence won’t affect creepers within range and detonating. Phantoms will experience the same form of aversion, staying 16 blocks away instead.

Ocelots can sprint, allowing them to go far faster than most other mobs. They will run away from players usually but, if you have the appropriate fish in hand, it’s possible to tame them.

Ocelot Breeding

An ocelot can also produce more ocelots with some interaction from the player. A trusting ocelot can be fed raw cod or salmon to enter a chance to breed with another ocelot. The other ocelot also has to be trusting and fed. After that, the two will breed between each other and produce an ocelot kitten that will be unable to breed for 5 minutes.

Ocelot Drops

Experience is the only drop from Minecraft ocelots. If you kill them, 1 to 3 experiences will drop from the ocelot. However, successfully breeding them will drop 1 to 7 experiences.

Of course, baby ocelots will not drop any experience as per usual.

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