Minecraft Pig Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Pig Guide

Certain mobs in the game of Minecraft can drop food for the player. The player is going to fight hunger throughout the game which is why this is important. A lot of the mobs in the world can offer them, but this will most commonly be pigs. These mobs drop quite a few pieces of food, especially with some details, but a lot more to consider with Minecraft pig.


The pig is a simple passive mob in Minecraft. It’s a constantly present mob that can be used for various applications by the player. It will require some preparation or even structures, should we make a pig pen out of the fences. With them caught, we will get some extra opportunities as players. Of course, those will come into play when we review some other details.

With the pigs, we will see quite a few get generated. They will spawn in groups of 4 when they appear in the world. They can spawn in almost any biome aside from snowy plains, meadows, and wooded badlands. Pigs will require a light level of 9 and a grass block nearby.

In Bedrock Edition, the generation is a bit different. It will spawn 1 to 3 pigs instead of a regular 4. The light level required also goes down to 7, but the grass block requirement stays. With the biome restrictions, we see a bit of a change too. Snowy tundras and wooded badlands plateaus are now the only biomes that won’t be affected.

Pig Behavior

A group of pigs in Minecraft will walk around while avoiding hazards. They are capable of keeping themselves alive for the longest amount of time. However, pigs may still take damage from these hazards should they run into them. If attacked, they will flee away from the attacker and panic.

If these mobs get struck by lightning, they will turn into zombified piglin. This situation can happen even if the player tames the pig. This will result in the loss of equipment that was put on the pig should they have any.

A pig is rideable as well, making it more useful generally. The players can ride a pig by using a saddle on it. However, you’ll need a carrot on a stick to control the pig’s movement. Using this item while on the pig will speed the pig up while reducing the durability of the item.

Pig Drops

As expected, the pig drops raw porkchop. This food item drops in stacks of 1 to 3 and will be dropped as cooked porkchop if a pig is killed while on fire. However, the drops can get even higher with Looting. Each level of Looting adds 1 extra porkchop, to a maximum of 6.

If the pig has a saddle, it will drop once they are slain. This will aid with retaining the saddle should the pig die accidentally. Considering pigs will take the fall damage instead of the player when ridden, this can also be used as a tactic in niche cases.

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