Projectile Protection Minecraft Enchantment

Projectile Protection Minecraft Enchantment

Many Minecraft enchantments add benefits that increase damage, or increase the speed at which you break certain blocks to collect resources. However, there is also a group of enchantments that are used for protection rather than damage.

One such enchantment is Projectile Protection. In this article, we will cover all of the details surrounding this enchantment, such as how to get it and where to use it. 

How to obtain the Projectile Protection enchantment in Minecraft

Projectile Protection in Minecraft can be applied to any type of armor, regardless of the material. Turtle shells also fall into this category, because you can put them on your head as a helmet. 

If you’re familiar with other enchantments, then Projectile Protection should be pretty straight forward in how to acquire it. You either use an enchantment table to enchant a piece of armor, or you find an enchanted book to combine with a piece of armor. 

Blast Protection is sadly mutually exclusive with a lot of other enchantments, specifically, Protection, Fire Protection and Projectile Protection. However, you can apply all these enchantments to an item if you use commands.  

What does the Projectile Protection enchantment do in Minecraft

As the name implies, Projectile Protection can protect the player from the damage caused by incoming projectiles. These include:

  • Arrows, tridents, shulker bullets, llama spit and blaze fireballs.
  • Ghast fireballs and wither skulls, but only from the initial hit (you still take damage from things like the withering effect).

Dragon fireballs, sonic booms and splash potions of harming do not count as projectile damage.

The specific number for this enchantment is 8% damage negation multiplied by every additional level past 1. For example, with Projectile Protection IV, the player will have an 8*4% damage reduction from blasts, which adds up to 32%. 

In Minecraft Projectile Protection has 4 total levels. You should also keep in mind that having it on different pieces of armor will not stack the effects, meaning that if you have one item with Projectile Protection 2 and one with Projectile Protection 3, you will get the effects only from Projectile Protection 3. 

Where can you use the Projectile Protection enchantment 

Projectile Protection is a great PVE and PVP enchantment.

For PVE, you can use it to protect yourself in places where you expect there will be lots of ranged mobs, such as a fight with the Wither, or a trip to the Nether where there’s ghasts and blazes.

For PVP, modes such as Skywars or Bedwars where lots of Minecraft players will be using bows and crossbows are a very good place to add a Projectile Protection enchantment. 

Key Takeaways

As a short summary, you can take note of the following things written in this article:

  • Projectile Protection is an enchantment that can be applied to all types of armor.
  • It is mutually exclusive with the other types of protection enchantments, such as Protection, Blast Protection and Fire Protection.
  • It decreases the damage taken from projectiles, with the damage decrease being higher at higher levels, going up to level 4. At this max level, you will take 32% less damage from projectiles.

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