Quick Charge Minecraft Enchantment

Quick Charge Minecraft Enchantment

Enchantments in Minecraft are a way to make your experience a lot easier and sometimes even more enjoyable. There are many types of enchantments that can be applied to different types of weapons. 

The enchantment we’re going to be discussing in this article is called Quick Charge. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about the enchantment, as well as how to use it. 

How to obtain the Quick Charge enchantment

Quick Charge is one of the only three enchantments that are exclusive to crossbows in Minecraft, with the others being Multishot and Piercing. You can technically apply the enchantment to anything using commands, but it won’t work on anything except a crossbow.

You can get the enchantment either by using an enchantment table and placing a crossbow on it, from fishing, or from a chest found in a natural structure in the wild. Keep in mind that these only work for Quick Charge 1 and 2, with Quick Charge 2 being obtained through combining two items with Quick Charge 3 or randomly being found. 

What does the Quick Charge enchantment do?

Quick Charge reduces the time required to load an arrow or firework rocket on your crossbow. The base loading time is 1.25 seconds, and every level of Quick Charge decreases that by 0.25, bringing it down by a maximum of 0.75 at level 3. 

You can use commands to enchant a crossbow beyond level 3, even making it load instantly. However, after that point, enchanting it to further levels with commands will make it unusable. 

Where can you use the Quick Charge enchantment?

Since Quick Charge is not mutually exclusive with any of the other two crossbow enchantments, it is generally a very useful enchantment to run on all your crossbows. It might even be worth it to fully upgrade to Quick Charge 3 since the 0.25-second difference between levels 2 and 3 could make a huge difference. 

Key Takeaways

When talking about this crossbow enchantment, it’s important to remember the following things:

  • Quick Charge is one of the three crossbow-only enchantments in the game.
  • You can obtain it with an enchantment table by finding it in the wilderness or through fishing.
  • The enchantment decreases the base charge time of a crossbow by 0.25, up to a max of 0.75 at level 3. 
  • Since it is not mutually exclusive with other crossbow enchantments, you should run this enchantment on all crossbows when you have the chance to. 

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