Minecraft Rainbow Sheep Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Rainbow Sheep Guide

Among the plentiful secrets in the game, those that give access to unique mobs are the most interesting. This goes for both passive and hostile ones. Rainbow sheep is the more known mob players can generate through specific actions. That mob and the way to spawn it will require a bit of a deeper dive so let’s get into Minecraft rainbow sheep information.


Sheep spawn all across the grassy biomes. These sheep differ in color. The weirder the color, the rarer it is. On top of it all, sheep can be sheared. Dropping wool when the player ends up shearing the sheep. Once you do, it takes some time to grow back up, sped up if the sheep eats grass.

Rainbow Sheep

As you may notice from the regular sheep, there is no such thing as a rainbow sheep spawning naturally in Minecraft. There is no such mob as a rainbow sheep at all. The way a sheep can achieve rainbow coloring requires a special approach.

First, we need to find or craft a name tag. Without a name tag, it will be impossible to make a rainbow sheep. A name tag

Once you’ve found the name tag through whatever means, it is possible to then change its name to jeb_. Do not forget that lower tilde because this specific combination of characters must be inserted.

After doing so and saving the sheep’s name, it will start changing colors, continuously becoming a rainbow sheep. This change can affect any sheep, no matter what its original color was. However, it will have a certain impact on the sheep later on.

This impact will be felt when we shear the rainbow sheep. A rainbow sheep will not drop a rainbow wool stack but rather one that corresponds to the original color of the sheep before it was renamed. This means that any color of a sheep can still be harvested while having the benefits of a rainbow sheep.

Rainbow Sheep Behavior

Minecraft Rainbow sheep will behave similarly to regular sheep, the only key difference being their constantly shifting wool color. There are a lot of those to shift through, so you’ll have them take a while to go through. These shift between each other just like prismarine, which is the only other entity that acts that way.

This mob will keep walking about, occasionally grazing. When grazing, the rainbow sheep will chew off the grass from the block, leaving it as a pure dirt block. A lot of the time, rainbow sheep will stay pretty close to the area they were first found, or in this case named, only being mustered by the player. Lastly, the sheep will run away if damaged by any mob.

Rainbow Sheep Drops

A rainbow sheep drops the same items as a regular one if killed in Minecraft. This includes 1 block of wool. As mentioned before, the appropriate type of wool will correspond to the original appearance of the sheep’s wool rather than being rainbow-colored. This drop isn’t affected by Looting and will not happen if the sheep have been sheared recently.

Additionally, rainbow sheep will drop raw mutton. Either one or two at the start, counting no levels in Looting. If our Looting gets leveled, this number increases all the way up to five. This is a decent source of food.

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