Minecraft Seed Generation Guide

Minecraft Seed Generation

Minecraft has quite a decent bit of random number generation implemented into its code. This is done to shake up each world and make every new start a fresh experience. It’s one of the reasons why the game has had so much longevity. The special seeds with unique details are doubly as enticing as regular games. That’s why we will explore Minecraft seed generation.

What is a Minecraft seed?

Each world generated inside Minecraft is part of a varied algorithm that dictates the features of said worlds. Starting a new game will drop us into one with its biomes, unique locations, and materials. This is why some players may begin at a miles-long forest while others find mountains and grasslands mere minutes of walk away from the spawn.

In general terms, each of these worlds is referred to as a seed. Or, to be more accurate, the specific codes that lead to the generation of that particular world. A seed will always generate the same parameters, no matter how big or small they are. Changing even a single parameter could result in an entirely different seed.

The benefit of Minecraft seeds is the ability to share unique worlds with other players. It also helps that some of these are so uniquely generated, making visits more than enticing. Minecraft seeds are also shared based on their richness in rare resources. The most common ones are diamond mining seeds.

Minecraft seed generation

The code given by the seed is generated upon creating a new game. This is because parameters are used as a basis for the world. Therefore, seed generation takes place immediately upon the start of the game.

The process of generation itself is a bit more complex. At the very start, the game calls for an algorithm called Perlin noise. As this algorithm runs, it will output pseudo-random values that are used to detail the world. We say pseudo-random because the algorithm imposes some randomness restrictions to generate more intricate and varied worlds.

Upon creation, a seed for that world will be created. No matter what device then uses this code, the game will generate a world with exact parameters. Even the spawn location will be the same, meaning everybody starts at the same place no matter how often the seed is shared.

How do I determine the Minecraft seed?

If you want to find the actual seed of the world you are playing in, there’s a way to see it. The seed will be found differently in Java and Bedrock Editions of the game.

Java Edition

With the Java Edition, we can do so through a simple command. The command can be executed by typing in /seed to view the seed. The single player also allows entering this command, no matter if you have cheats on, as this option unlocks most commands.

Bedrock Edition

If you are on the Bedrock Edition, the approach to discerning the seed is slightly different. First, it will require you to enter the world options screen, where you can find the current seed. Additionally, seed templates are available for those who wish to generate a custom seed with certain characteristics. However, this is far from a complete seed generation.

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