Minecraft Snow Golem Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Snow Golem Guide

Snowy areas of Minecraft have unique traits. The most apparent one is snow which is plentiful around the area. However, players can also use that snow for special items and creations by players who know the recipes. A unique possibility is to use them to create a snow golem. In the game, this snow golem has something special about it. So let’s see what it is in the overview of Minecraft snow golem.

Snow golem

Minecraft Snow golem, also known as a snow golem, is a mob that players can make. These mobs will be constructed out of two snow blocks stacked on top of each other. A Jack o’ lantern is also placed on top to simulate a head. Once the construction is completed, the snow golem will spring to life. Snow golems can be made even if you place them sideways, making the arrangement a bit less important as long as the Jack o’ lantern is placed at the top.

The golem may have a Jack o’ lantern on its head, but that’s not its real head. Beneath that pumpkin is its real place made out of snow, with a poorly made mouth and eyes emulating a real snow golem. This face can be revealed by shearing the head. It will also result in the golem dropping the pumpkin.

As noted, they cannot naturally spawn. They have to be properly constructed by the player, which means no chances or rules to their creation. However, the Minecraft temperature will affect them because they are made of snow. On the other hand, they aren’t affected in the slightest by powder snow, which usually deals damage to anybody.

Snow golem Behavior

These mobs will move about and leave a trail of snow behind. Snow golems will attack the nearby mobs, looking further out to find hostile mobs.

If the snow golems come within 10 blocks of an enemy, they will toss snowballs at the enemies. This will happen every second yet deals no damage unless the target is a blaze or a wolf. The snowball will knock back the mobs, though. Snow golems will also attack creepers while never intentionally attacking the player. Even if another one attacks these golems, it will not retaliate.

Of course, this mob has another purpose. This purpose is snow farming. It’s a bit difficult, but it’s possible to establish a farm that will create golems and then destroy them to result in many snowballs. But, of course, the bigger the farm, the bigger the number of snowballs you get.

Snow golem Drops

The snow golem will have a main drop of snowballs if ever killed in Minecraft. It can drop between 0 and 15 snowballs. This item can be quite useful against blaze mobs as it deals damage to them despite not usually inflicting any.

As noted, players can shear the head to get a carved pumpkin and reveal the real face of the snow golem. There’s technically no purpose to revealing their face, but getting a few extra pumpkins can be good.

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