Soul Speed Minecraft Enchantment

Soul Speed Minecraft Enchantment

Although most Minecraft enchantments are fairly consistent in usage and their method of acquisition, there are some enchantments known as treasure enchantments that are a little bit different and can even be considered rare.

One such enchantment is Soul Speed. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about it. 

How to obtain the Soul Speed enchantment in Minecraft

You should first take note of and remember the fact that Soul Speed is an enchantment that’s exclusive to boots in Minecraft. 

As we previously mentioned, Soul Speed is a treasure enchantment. Usually, this would mean that it can’t be obtained from enchanting in an enchanting table. However, Soul Speed is special even among treasure enchantments since it can’t even be obtained from chest loot (except in bastion remnants), fishing, or trading.

The way of obtaining Soul Speed is through bartering with piglins, who offer enchanted books or iron boots that have Soul Speed on them. Some piglins may also spawn with golden boots that have Soul Speed, and they may drop them on death as loot. 

Soul Speed is not mutually incompatible with any other enchantment, meaning you can combine it with whatever you want. 

What does the Soul Speed enchantment do in Minecraft?

Minecraft Soul Speed increases the speed with which you walk on soul-type blocks, which are soul sand or soul soil. There are three levels to this, and the specific numbers are the following:

  • Soul Speed 1 – 40.5% speed increase
  • Soul Speed 2 – 51% speed increase
  • Soul Speed 3 – 61.5% speed increase 

It also has an additional negative effect on durability, where for every compatible block stepped on, there is a 4% chance for the item’s durability to go down. 

Walking on the designated blocks also produces particles called Soul Particles, meant to indicate that by walking, you are removing the souls from the blocks. 

Where can you use the Soul Speed enchantment?

Soul Speed is a useful enchantment for traversing the Nether terrain, but it can also be useful for things in the Overworld. For example, you can make walkways made of soul sand to apply the speed boost. However, these walkways aren’t as fast as things like blue ice tracks, but at least they don’t require minecarts or boats. 

You can also use carpets and slabs to cover up the soul sand in Java Edition, and you’ll still get the speed boost from the enchantment. 

Key Takeaways

You should be mindful of the following things when it comes to the Soul Speed enchantment:

  • It is an enchantment that you can only use on boots.
  • Despite being a treasure enchantment, it has a unique way of acquisition which is through bartering with piglins. However, it can also be dropped by some piglins or found in a chest in the bastion remnants.
  • The enchantment increases the speed with which a player can walk on soul sand or soul soil. The max boost is at level 3, and the number for that boost is a 61.5% speed increase.
  • It has a 4% chance of giving a decrease in durability every time you walk on a compatible block.
  • It is useful for exploring the Nether, as well as creating walkways to get between places faster than usual. 

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