Minecraft The Best Ways to get XP Fast

Minecraft The Best Ways to get XP Fast

Minecraft is one of the most entertaining games out there. However, players must concentrate mostly on leveling up to obtain a few of the greatest items in Minecraft. Obtaining sufficient experience points over the long term has become more crucial while attempting to acquire the best gear and keeping it in light of adding charms like Mending within the game.

However, walking up the levels is time-consuming and frequently somewhat drawn out. After some time, it may become quite tedious and challenging, which has led players to begin coming up with simpler, quick-fix remedies to the issue. Here are some excellent and manageable strategies for the rising-up-the-levels experience, including the ideal method for reaching a high level quickly.

The Optimal Methods of Acquiring XP Fast

Some methods to get experience points have altered slightly as Minecraft enters a brand-new period of Cliffs and Caves. Numerous old techniques are still effective, but ore generation has altered, leading to new opportunities to dig for XP.

Therefore, we have updated the list to bring up all the data and show adapted changes following the 1.18 version. Thus, here’s what you can do to acquire XP as quickly as possible:

Kill the Ender Dragon

Kill the Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon is the main antagonist in Minecraft, and killing it will result in the game’s ending. However, because this action reveals The End, a new region to explore, the journey is just getting started in a desert game.

Discovering the End Portal and defeating the Ender Dragon would bring you good fortune, as you may think. Although they are adventure orbs, they can be obtained by anyone around, especially with 12,000 XP. You can call the Ender Dragon again, but you will only receive 500 XP each time you succeed. 

Slay a Wither

Another important enemy in the gameplay is The Wither, who ought to provide you with good rewards. The Nether Star, a crucial part of beacons, is the greatest reward from this battle, even if it only awards you a paltry 50 XP.

It takes three wither skeleton skulls to call a wither, which are hard to harvest and irritating to combat because of the high environmental harm and withering impact. You will receive 50 XP for every victory. However, this is a pretty ineffective leveling strategy, except if you need many beacons.

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Break an enchanting bottle

You can throw a Bottle of Enchanting on the floor to get XP orbs that range in value from three to eleven XP. They can be found in chests at Pillager camps, buried riches, and wrecked hidden stashes. To obtain the bottles, players could also exchange them with locals. You’ll need a lot to gain a sufficient number of levels, but once you have them, you may quickly use them to gain experience.

Utilize a Grindstone

Utilize a Grindstone Minecraft

Guns and armor can have undesired enchantments removed using grindstones. Players can discard the item by placing it onto the grindstone. Additionally, you can repair goods by combining them with another item of a similar type to increase their maximum durability by 5%. The quantity of XP you receive for removing enchantments in this manner varies depending on enchants, the number of enchantments eliminated, and the degree of those eliminated.

Go for the hunt

The basic fact is that mining ores are the safest and quickest way to acquire XP. However, not everyone is created equal. Prefer mining ores like coal, Redstone, lapis, diamonds, and emeralds over ores such as gold and iron that must be melted down if you want XP points right away. The best resource to mine as of right now is Nether quartz.

This offers a maximum of 3.5 XP points. Nevertheless, the Nether, a more difficult area, is the only place this can be found. In these circumstances, Redstone acts as the finest material to mine after that.

New players may look for a mountain biome as an alternative to strip mining or caving since the cliffs and caves update. Although ores can be discovered in caves, they are frequently perilous, and diamonds and other jewels are much more frequently discovered deep underground, nearer the bedrock.

Strip mining could be more challenging due to the update’s additional caverns because you’ll frequently run into open spaces with mobs. On the summits of mountains, however, iron and coal are now abundant and provide a much safer alternative.

Make a Cacti Smelter and a Bamboo

The cacti smelter and bamboo are, in the end, the finest and simplest to create a farm that is available when it comes to generating XP. It is a very well-liked and highly effective farm. This approach is so effective that gamers have given it the “XP bank.”

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The brilliance of it is that it is a self-sustaining farm where cacti are smelted into dye using bamboo as energy in a furnace. Once you eventually come to unload the furnace, the farms will run independently, and you’ll be flooded with XP points from each cacti that have gone through the furnaces.

Search for Spawners

When located, spawners in any form or shape offer a significant competitive advantage. But only some of these are excellent. Skeleton spawners are indeed the perfect finding. However, spider spawners are very troublesome because spiders can readily flee and climb barriers. If you have the right equipment, spawners like the Blaze spawners in the Nether are another excellent way to gain experience points. You could kill the spawner for as much as 43 XP if that doesn’t work.

Smelt Sand or Stone

Smelt Sand or Stone

Although smelting can seem like a pointless aspect of the game, it’s an essential gameplay feature that gives you access to more XP. All food, ores, or perhaps even blocks that are melted down are valuable when removed from the oven because, depending on what you’ve smelled, you could be able to receive a surprising quantity of it. Some of the simplest materials to obtain and smelt are cobblestone and sand, which will yield a ton of glass for construction or trade with villages and a ton of stones for any building needs.


Therefore, the ultimate aim of playing Minecraft is to gain maximum XP points. If you want to climb up the ladder of levels, we hope our hacks help you acquire these points as quickly as possible. After thorough research and observation, we could put together certain tips to ensure high XP points in your Minecraft journey.

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