Thorns Minecraft Enchantment

Thorns Minecraft Enchantment

Minecraft enchantments exist to make gameplay easier by giving certain bonuses to some types of items. There are a few defense-related enchantments in Minecraft, despite the vast bulk of them having to do with damage or making sure you can destroy blocks more quickly.

In this article, we will talk about Thorns, a defensive enchantment. Keep reading to learn all there is to know about this enchantment.

How to obtain the Thorns enchantment in Minecraft

Thorns is an enchantment in Minecraft that can primarily be applied to a chestplate. However, it is a secondary enchantment for all other types of armor, including helmets, boots and leggings.

You can get this enchantment by enchanting with an enchantment table, fishing, trading with a villager, or finding it as loot in a natural structure such as a stronghold or mineshaft. 

It is compatible with all other Minecraft enchantments, meaning you can safely combine it with anything you want. 

What does the Thorns enchantment do in Minecraft?

Minecraft Thorns is an interesting enchantment as it mimics the behavior of hostile mobs in the game, such as guardians and elder guardians. 

While wearing an armor piece enchanted with Thorns, there is a chance that the damage will be deflected and the enemy will take damage instead. When hit by this effect, enemies also get knocked back.

The specific probability is (level x 15%) chance. There are three levels of the enchantment, with the probability increasing to a maximum of 11.25% per item at level 3. 

The effects of this enchantment do stack if you have more than one piece of armor with it. With 4 pieces of armor enchanted with Thorns, you have a 61.18% chance to inflict damage upon being hit. 

Its effects do not apply to evoker fangs, llamas, goats or the Warden mob. 

Where can you use the Thorns enchantment?

Since Thorns applies to all types of armor and is not incompatible with any other enchantment, you can use it in combination with any other enchantments, and it’ll be a good fit. It can also find its uses in PVP, since the effects of it do apply to players as well. 

Key Takeaways

When talking about the Thorns enchantment, you should re-read and remember the following things:

  • It is primarily a chestplate enchantment, but can be applied to other types of armor as a secondary enchantment.
  • You can obtain it the same way you obtain other types of enchantments, with enchantment tables, anvils, as random loot or through trading.
  • It is compatible with all other enchantments.
  • While wearing a piece of armor enchanted with Thorns, you have a chance to deflect the incoming damage back at the source. 
  • There are 3 levels of this enchantment, with the maximum chance to hit back at level 3 on one piece of armor being 11.25%.
  • The effects of the enchantment do stack if you put on more pieces of armor. With 4 armor pieces, the maximum chance of deflecting is 61.18%
  • It is an overall useful enchantment since it can be combined with anything and affects most sources of damage. 

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