Minecraft Trader Llama Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Trader Llama Guide

Wandering traders are one of the rarer types of mobs in terms of behavior. They will trade with the player, allowing them to get some items far easier than usual. With them are always their pack animals, trader llamas. These mobs act differently than the traders despite spawning with them. Knowledge of their behavior can come in handy so let’s explore it further in this overview of the Minecraft trader llama.


When it comes to mobs that could be turned useful, llamas are among the most useful ones. The quality of these mobs stems from the fact that they can be equipped with a chest. The variety of items this allows us to the slot will allow us to fill up a nice amount of our transporting llamas. Furthermore, it can allow the player to send all the varied items to another safehouse a player makes.

These mobs are found throughout savannas but may appear in other areas too. Llama is best known for forming caravans and potentially attacking players with their spit. The llama is one of the best mobs to tame if you plan on a big move. However, they also have a variant in the form of a trader llama.

Trader llama

This variant of a regular llama mob is a more tamed and somewhat less present mob than its regular one. Thes llamas spawn in Minecraft with the corresponding wandering trader, who will have two leashed trader lammas. The trader llama may spawn at a light level of 7 or above while also requiring grass blocks in the savanna plateau. The biomes available for their spawn also include savanna and windswept savanna in Bedrock Edition.

All the biomes spawn llamas in herds of 4. This is with the exception of windswept hills biomes which can spawn 4 to 6 llamas. These spawns are present in both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition of the game, making them important to know.

Llama Behavior

Minecraft Trader llama is a neutral mob that will usually cause no issues to the player. However, they can still attack if provoked. This attack will come in the form of their spit which deals 1 damage to the target on hit. Should a wandering trader be attacked, trader llama will attack the mobs attacking the trader.

Trader llamas, just like ordinary llamas, are hostile toward wolves by default. They will spit at them as soon as they come into range unless the wolf is tamed. The llama can be made to attack others if the spit from one misses and hits the other.

Llama Drops

A llama will drop leather upon being killed in Minecraft. The regular drop is 0 to 2 leathers per llama killed. However, that number can climb all the way up to 5 maximum, with Looting at level 3.

Trader llamas will also drop any equipped carpets or chests that they have on when killed. This drop makes regaining any equipment from the mob easier. Of course, the same goes for any inventory item they have too.

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