What is the Best Horse in Minecraft?

What is the Best Horse in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a type of game that went against all odds when it was released. It never followed the normal game practices, and introduced a new segment that we now love.

Nowadays, Minecraft is an extremely popular game with millions of things to do. From building your own castle, to recreating real world things in blocks, to finding horses and exploring the world.

It is a game that will ignite your creativity and let you get in your zone.

To completely dominate the Minecraft world, you’ll need a trusted steed. However, not just any horse will suffice for your excursions. To control the forest, you need the best of the best, the quickest, bravest, and most gorgeous mount.

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Moving back to Minecraft, we’ve created a guide on which is the best horse to choose in Minecraft, so without further ado, let’s jump into the selection.

How to Obtain Horses in Minecraft?

Find the Horses

Before we get into the most powerful horse, you should know how to grind for it. As previously said, the first stage is to establish a farm or breeding area. 

Finding two or more horses is technically number one. In any case, place the horses in an isolated spot and right-click them to begin the procedure. This will allow them to let you ride, which should cause in-game heart particles to appear to represent the horse’s devotion for you. 

After that, right-click them again, but this time with golden apples or carrots to begin breeding. It’s worth noting at this stage that only the greatest horses are selectively produced. For example, breeding a low level horse does not result in the birth of a higher rated horse. This would result in a bloodline of weak horses, which no Minecraft player wants.

Best Horses in Minecraft

Best Horses in Minecraft

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best horse in Minecraft. Each horse comes with three abilities – health, speed, and jump strength.

So, you’d want a horse that has many hearts, can run fast, and can jump high.

The Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse is the fastest of the group, galloping at a blistering 14.23 blocks per second. This lightning-fast horse will whisk you away in an instant. You’ll leave your friends in the dust with the Arabian!


Donkeys, while not exactly horses, are remarkably fast. Most horse breeds are outpaced by the average donkey, which can move up to 12.23 blocks per second. If you want to ride in luxury, consider the mule, which has the same quick speed as its donkey father. These long-eared racers are unbeatable for a unique and entertaining mount!

The Skeleton Horse

Are you looking for an undead steed? At 13.23 blocks per second, the skeleton horse is shockingly quick. Use a skeleton trap to summon this eerie speedster, then tame it to win your prize. You’ll ride like the wind once saddled up, terrifying locals and escaping foes. The skeleton horse is unbeatable for a speedy mount!

Rare Horses With Mods

Most of the horses are in special mods and creations of the game and cannot be found in the main game. Mods like Minecraft Wynncraft, offer unique horses that are much more powerful than the ones we covered in the main game.

White Fairy Horse

The White Fairy Horse is the quickest and most uncommon horse in the modified game. This ethereal creature does not appear spontaneously; rather, it must be bred. 

The rare White Fairy Horse is created by combining a pegasus and a unicorn with the essence of light, a Mo’ Creatures addition. It is critical to understand that successful breeding results in the extinction of both parent horses.


This ethereal horse has the appearance of a white horse with blue eyes and magnificent wings. Apply the essence of light (an item added by Mo’s Creatures) to a flying Bat Horse at cloud level to obtain a Pegasus. Pegasus outruns the Bat Horse in speed and may be outfitted with a chest. 

This feature is inherited by the unicorn’s progeny, notably the white fairy horse, and it is somewhat quicker than Dark Pegasus.

Bat Horse

The Bat Horse is a rare breed discovered in the overworld in low light circumstances (light level 7 or lower), and is yet another addition from Mo’ Creatures. Zombies, skeletons, and other undead creatures frequently ride these horses because of their speed. 

The Bat Horse is naturally hostile as an undead kind, but it may be tamed. It has a 25% chance of dropping the Heart of Darkness, a crafting component for the essence of darkness capable of converting other horses into Bat Horses, when defeated. 

Untamed versions burn in the sun, but tamed versions do not. Bat Horses aid in the creation of Pegasus by using the energy of darkness.


Nightmare, like our last horse, is not available in the base game. Nightmares are part of the Mo’ Creatures mod and only spawn in the Nether, demonstrating violent behavior. They are notable for their hellish look, suggesting a continual state of burning. 

These magical horses, who are not governed by natural rules, are extremely swift and are frequently seen being ridden by Pigmen. Nightmares may be tamed despite their hostile disposition, making them a fiery addition to your Minecraft horse collection.

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