Minecraft Wolf Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Wolf Guide

Plentiful biomes in Minecraft contain mobs, both passive and hostile. However, the truly interactive mobs will always be the neutral ones. The neutral mobs will end up changing their behavior depending on the situation, which will also affect our overall interaction with these types of mobs. The wolves are the most common of this type, with some extra traits that certain neutral mobs do not share. We will cover all of those in the overview of the Minecraft wolf.


A wolf is another neutral mob in Minecraft. Its behavior is dictated by the way the player acts towards it. If the player triggers the wolf’s hostility, it will be a hostile mob. Otherwise, it remains peaceful. This makes the mob far more engaging in the game itself, often proving to be an asset rather than a hazard while exploring.

Wolves are present in various biomes, from snowy taigas to regular forests. This wide presence in different locations makes them appear more frequently than some of the more limited mobs. However, as with every other mob, they need to fulfill certain conditions to spawn.

The area will require a solid earth block for a wolf to attempt a spawn. However, if they do manage to, they will appear in packs of 4. From that, 10% of the wolves will spawn as baby wolves.

Wolf Behavior

Minecraft Wolves have three states, depending on their currently active behavior. Untamed wolves will be neutral towards the player but still attack other sheep, such as sheep and rabbits.

However, if the wolves turn angry, they will start to growl constantly. Their face will become more fierce, and they will move in to attack. Wild wolves turn angry and hostile when dealt damage. This damage can stem from either player or mob but will trigger them regardless.

You can also tame wolves, which will have a far friendlier look. Additionally, they will usually have a red collar around their neck. On top of not being aggressive towards the player, tamed wolves will not attack other tamed mobs or even creepers. The wolf won’t attack without provocation or a player engaging another mob unless the target is a skeleton who they attack on sight.

If tamed, wolves may teleport to the player after a certain distance limit is reached.

Wolf Attack

When wolves attack, they will approach the target and try to bite it in melee range. Dealing 4 damage on the attack on normal difficulty. A single wolf isn’t as hard to deal with, but it’s more than likely that the player will run into a whole pack. If a wolf is scared away, it will flee at a 50% faster speed.

Wolf Drop

Adult wolves will drop 1 to 3 experience orbs or 1 to 7 experience orbs when bred. However, they drop no other item when killed. If a baby wolf is killed, it drops nothing.

Wolf Breeding

Giving two wolves in Minecraft who are at full health meat of any kind can initiate breeding. This meat can be raw or even rotten without the breeding conditions falling through.

The two wolves will then proceed to spawn a pup. These pups can grow 10% faster with each food item given to them. After a pup is spawned, the two wolves are put on a 5 minute cooldown until the next pup can be spawned.

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