Minecraft Zombie Horse Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Zombie Horse Guide

Command lines in Minecraft allow players to access a lot of content, some of which is not in the game proper. The content will require a specific command line to occur, but most of them can be found online. This includes special mobs that aren’t included in any edition of Minecraft. So let’s go over one such mob with a Minecraft zombie horse.


A horse is a passive mob that can be found throughout the grassy areas of Minecraft. While the horse isn’t that rare, its use is quite important. It will be the main mode of transport players will find early in the game, aside from their own two feet. A horse will require taming and a saddle to serve this purpose, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve with a bit of luck.

Horses will spawn in herds, so finding one means finding multiple. The variations of their coat may even allow players to pick and choose their favorite among the bunch. Should you attempt to tame one, it’s advisable to have some food ready.

However, horses aren’t the only rideable mob, nor are regular horses the only horses available. A few variants are present, including some that aren’t present in the game. That one is a zombie horse.

Zombie Horse

All we know about zombie horses in Minecraft is what can be extrapolated from the code and the current iteration, which can only be invoked by using the “/summon” command or a spawn egg. The zombie horses can spawn as foals 20% of the time.

Zombie horses have an appearance similar to regular zombies but over a horse. They have green skin with black eyes. But, unlike horses, their appearance has no variation. The zombie horse can still be mounted like a regular horse though.

Zombie Horse Behavior

Just like regular horses in Minecraft, zombie horses will walk about and graze occasionally, with some general behaviors transferring. They will also heal passively as time goes on, even if they aren’t subject to a Regeneration effect.

In fact, the effect will harm this horse instead because it counts as undead. Zombie horse also shares other traits with undead mobs. It is damaged by the Potion of Healing and healed by the Potion of Harming. They also take extra damage from Smite enchantment.

Zombie Horse Drops

As can be observed, zombie horses drop 0 to 2 rotten flesh. This number increases by 1 per level of Looting. Maxing out at 0 to 5 pieces of rotten meat at level 3 of Looting.

Additionally, the zombie horse will drop a saddle if they were equipped with it when killed. Otherwise, they won’t drop any other items.

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