Minecraft Zombie Villager Guide

Minecraft Zombie Villager Guide

A villager is a passive mob that can help players. However, they have plentiful hostile mobs that are parallel to them. One of these is Zombie Villager. Zombie Villagers are very similar to Zombie, with some fundamental differences. Let’s explore what those are in the Minecraft Zombie Villager overview.

Zombie Villager

The normal Zombies have their variant with Zombie Villager. A Minecraft Zombie Villager looks the way you’d assume, with the green hue and tattered clothes being a staple of their appearance. However, they maintain the appearance of a villager.

Zombie Villagers can spawn 5% of the time a Zombie would be put into the world. A replacement can change out a single Zombie or a whole group. The difference is between editions, and Bedrock Edition spawns a group while Java Edition spawns a single one.

For a villager to turn into a Zombie Villager, they need to be killed by a Zombie. Depending on the difficulty, there is a certain chance for this situation to cause a Zombie Villager to spawn. On Easy mode, this chance is 0%, so we won’t see Zombie Villager spawning this way.

When it comes to Normal difficulty, the chance goes up to 50%, while a Hard difficulty will induce a 100% chance of Zombie Villagers spawning from a killed villager. When they rise, they become hostile to players.

Zombie Villagers have a baby version with a 30% faster movement speed. However, their health stays the same, which makes them more dangerous. They can also mount mountable mobs.

Zombie Villager Behavior

A Zombie Villager has the same behavior as just about any Zombie. However, they have a pretty unique distinction. This being that they cannot turn into Drowned. A Drowned is made if a Zombie is submerged for more than 30 seconds. As noted, the Zombie Villager will not convert even if they stay underwater long enough.

The Zombie Villagers that spawn can still have a profession attached to them. However, they will not remain in that profession if cured. Changing back to unemployed and seeking a potential job nearby. Unique to Bedrock Edition is that the profession will be maintained when the mob is cured, although each Zombie Villager will have the same appearance, so it’s hard to distinguish who has a profession.

Zombie Villager Curing

There is a way to cure a Zombie Villager. The first step towards doing so is inflicting the Weakness effect. There are plenty of available tools for doing so. Make sure to have a few on hand whenever Zombie Villagers could be around.

Once Weakness is applied, we can proceed to the next step of curing. This is exclusively done with a golden apple item. When the item is used on them, Zombie Villager will begin the curing process. However, you should be careful. A Zombie Villager will lose the Weakness status, which will get replaced by Strength. The curing process turns their eyes red but doesn’t prevent them from attacking, which means they are even more dangerous during it. Once the process is done, they become a regular villager with the potential to have a profession.

Zombie Villager Attacks

Zombie Villagers in Minecraft have a simple melee attack akin to that of a Zombie. Dealing 3 damage on the normal difficulty. That damage can increase if they spawn with weapons.

Zombie Villager Drops

Drops are the same as with Zombies. Up to two pieces of rotten meat which goes up to 5 with Looting at level 3, and a random item from the below list, which has a 2.5% chance of dropping, which can be increased to 5.5% at max Looting.

  • Iron ingot
  • Carrot
  • Potato

Any equipment this mob spawns with also has a chance to drop. A Zombie Villager has an 8.5% chance of dropping. Increasing by 1% for each level of Looting up to 11.5%.

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