Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Engineer Skill Build and Guide

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Engineer Skill Build and Guide

Engineer is a class that every party must-have in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds. It is extremely good and powerful. Engineer is capable of healing party members and providing them with buffs that will increase survivability. Most of the players are playing Engineer as healers but they can also deal some serious damage with the right build and skills.

When you are playing Engineer class you want to be in the back line and stay as fast from enemies as you can so they can not interrupt you while you are providing healing and buffs to party members. Before we get started with the guide, you need to look at the Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds tier list and the Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds codes, both of which will be of huge help to you.

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Engineer Skills

Burst Call is a great skill that will deal decant damage to all enemies inside a radius. When an enemy gets hit by this skill they will be stunned for 1 second allowing your teammates to deal some serious damage.

Elemental Blaster is a great skill and it will be your main source of damage. Not only will you deal damage with this skill but you will also slow enemies that will allow you to escape. You can also use this skill to slow enemies when they are trying to escape so you or your party members can catch it up.

Explosive Shot is a great skill that you will use to deal damage to a group of enemies. It is not that great if you are hitting solo enemies but for hitting groups, it is incredibly good.

Destruction is an ultimate skill that will deal some serious damage. When you use this skill it will summon 2 cannons that will output insanely good damage. It is best to use these skills when you are starting a fight or when you want to finish enemies.

Best Special Skills

Flash Heal- This skill is insanely good when you are playing with a party. When you activate this skill it will heal all party members and give extra healing to party members with the lowest HP and also give increased defense. So use this skill if one of the party members is getting extremely low with hp.

Time Lapse- is a great skill when you have party members that are using skills all the time. When you activate this skill it will reduce cooldown of skills for all party members and increase basic skill damage.

Complete Chaos- is a great skill that will silence enemies and deal damage to them. Also, it will reduce movement speed. This skill is best to use when enemies are getting low on health and you want to finish them. When enemies get low on hp just use the Complete Chaos skill and they will not be able to use any survivability or escape skill.

Best Engineer passive skill

Pure Therapy is a great passive skill if you are using other skills that have healing effects. It will increase the amount of healing that your party members receive when you are using healing skills.

Last Grace is a passive skill that has the chance to provide a shield that absorbs damage when attacked. This will increase survivability drastically.

Fast Forward is a skill that will reduce special skills cooldown on basic attacks which can be great in some situations.

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