Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Rogue Skill Build and Guide

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Rogue Skill Build and Guide

Rogue in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is a class that can output a good amount of damage in a short period of time while being able to escape and survive with evasion skills. You will build Rouge class as pure AOE DPS where your main focus is to output as much damage as you can or you can use it to buff your teammates with attack speed and movement speed.

Overall both are great builds but when you will use them depends on your play style and in-game situation. The problem with Rogue is that it is a relatively easy class to kill. It has some skills that allow you to escape but one mistake and you will die.

So when you are playing Rogue class you have to be careful about your positioning. Do not forget to redeem all Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds codes that can give you great rewards and the Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds tier list to know which familiar is the strongest. If you want to play another class, we also have guides for Swordsman skill buildEngineer Skill Build, Destroyer Skill Build and Witch Skill Build so check them out.

Rogue Skills

Arrow Storm- It is an AOE skill that deals damage over time and slows enemy movement speed. It is great for attacking a group of enemies while it is not that good when you are fighting 1vs1.

Multi-Shot- This skill is also an AOE skill that will hit all targets in front of you. It will deal a nice amount of damage but what is interesting about this skill is that it will push enemies further away from you and slow them. This skill is great to make some distance from your enemies.

Evasion Shot- This skill has great damage but it is important to save it when you want to escape from enemies or make distance. When you activate this skill, the rogue will be pushed backward making the distance between you and enemies while doing some serious damage.

Ancient Arrow is the ultimate skill for rogue. This is the strongest skill that a rogue has and you have to plan how you will use it. It will deal damage to all enemies that are in the line of the ancient arrow. The problem with this skill is that it has a long cast time and enemy can easily escape from it. So make sure that you use it when the enemy is stunned or locked down so they can’t dodge it. If you manage to hit enemy players with this skill you will have an insane amount of damage.

Best Rogue Special skills

Solar Flare is a great skill for rogue where you will be able to deal some serious AOE damage. When you activate this special skill you will drop an orb on an enemy location and it will inflict massive damage to all enemies within range of the orb. Also when it explodes it will stun all enemy for 3 seconds which is great.

Overcharge Zone is one of the best special skills that you can use as a rogue when you are playing with your teammates. When you activate it it will increase attack speed.

Distortion Arrow- This skill is great when you are fighting against other players and you want to make some distance or escape. When you hit an enemy with a distortion arrow it will start pulling all enemies to the location of where the arrow exploded. You can also use these skills to stack enemies in one location and while they are stuck you can use other AOE damage skill to destroy them.

Best Rogue Passive Skills

Swift Movement- Every 5 attacks your movement and attack speed will be increased. This passive skill is great if you want to deal damage and escape or hunet enemy players.

Perfect Chace- This passive skill will increase your critical rate when you attack enemies that are affected with stun and knockback. Most rogue skills are equipped with stuns and knockbacks which means that you will almost always get an increased critical rate. With this passive and other skill you will be able to do some serious damage.

Quick Overcome- This skill will decrease the duration of stuns and knockdown. Pick this passive skill only if the enemy has a lot of stuns and knockbacks so you can exit them faster which will increase your survivability.

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