Best Overwatch 2 Hero For New Players

Best Overwatch 2 Hero For New Players

There are over 35 different heroes in all of Overwatch for new players to interact with. Each character has their own unique abilities that each player could or could not handle when first starting on Overwatch. But which Overwatch 2 hero is best for new players? Below we are going to take a look at our pick on who we believe is the best!

Best Overwatch 2 Hero For New Players

Let’s go over our top 3 picks for each category of Overwatch 2 heroes. We all struggle to play at the beginning, finding the character who fits us, although there are some that are easier. 

Soldier: 74 – Damage

Soldier: 74 - Damage

Soldier: 74 is by far the best hero for new players when it comes to abilities, ease, and logic. The Soldier: 74 is a fundamental character that operates like any soldier you may play as in any other FPS game. With a basic sprint, a pulse rifle, and rockets, this hero is the perfect image for any new player. 

Playing with a soldier would not take a new player very long to learn, as he functions as an average FPS character. Or… as average as you can get in Overwatch 2. We recommend him as the easiest damage character to pick for his simplicity and overall ease of play. 

Reinhardt – Tank

Reinhardt Overwatch 2

Reinhardt is not only the easiest tank to use but also one of the toughest. You will most likely always see at least one Reinhardt in every game you play in Overwatch 2. With a lethal rocket hammer that can send your enemies flying, you do not have to try very hard to cause damage to any nearby enemies. 

Reinhardt also has a strong protective barrier field which protects a broad length as a large shield for the team as he moves forward. This shield helps push the team through to their target, serving as a very easy and helpful character. 

Mercy – Healer

Mercy Overwatch 2

When all else fails, Mercy stands as a benefit no matter how terrible you are. As her main objective is to heal, all you have to do is aim her gun ttowards a teammate and let the yellow stream fuel your friends as gain health. Mercy does not have a very big defense. So it is best to keep her towards the back of your teammates. 

Although Mercy might be hard to get used to, most healers are pretty difficult to use, so it is best to maybe research a bit more or play some of your favorite damage first to get a better idea of the mechanics of Overwatch 2. 

Lúcio – Healer

Another healer that could be a hit or miss, is Lúcio. Lúcio is a fast and fun character who heals and also deals some great damage against enemies. With his ability to run on walls, you become a pest to the enemy as you constantly circle your teammates for healing, while using your Squad Shock for some extra defense. 

Overall, if you want to learn how to be good with any healer, Lúcio is definitely a favorite in the community, and being a good healer with great performance in MIT will make the whole team smile. 

Wrapping Up: 

Overall, each Overwatch 2 hero have their own special abilities that may or may not work well for your play style. Some of the time you may find yourself switching between multiple characters until you find your favorite one that you succeed with. Don’t get impatient! Before long you will be blasting your way to compete with a solid main after a few wins!

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