Best Overwatch 2 Reaper Counters 

Best Overwatch 2 Reaper Counters 

The Reaper can be a pretty great counter to some very large heroes in Overwatch 2. Depending on the enemy and who your team has chosen to play alongside you and your Reaper will ultimately define the outcome of the game and your ability to defeat the enemy successfully. Let’s take a look at each match-up and which are easier for Reaper, and which make him weaker. 

Strong Match-Ups for Reaper in Overwatch 2

There are a few match-ups for Reaper that are strong and that he fights well against in any game mode. Including some tanks and healers, Reaper has the advantage when it comes to these heroes. The top 5 strong match-ups for Reaper are:

  • Doomfist
  • Mercy
  • Symmetra
  • Reinhardt
  • Zenyatta

Starting with Doomfist, Reaper works really well against this hero. Doomfist is a slow tank, making it hard for him to escape from Reaper and the major close-range damage that he uses with his Hellfire Shotguns. Reaper is known to be a tank buster, so the bigger the tank, the higher the chance Reaper can outwit their attempts of attack. Just make sure to be careful and stay out of the range of attacks. 

When it comes to healers, Mercy is one of the easiest for Reaper to take down. Marcy is usually always in the back of the enemy line, making her completely vulnerable while she is using her ability to heal other enemies. Just be careful that the other enemies don’t see you, otherwise use your abilities to get out before its too late. Healers have the lowest health bar, so a few shots short-range will almost indefinitely secure a kill. 

Weak Match-Up Against Reaper in Overwatch 2

Weak Match-Up Against Reaper in Overwatch 2

There are 5 top heroes that really make Reaper a weak hero if being used. If you see the enemy using any of these heroes, be careful and make sure you have some assistance form some other players to take them down. Here are the top 5 heroes that make Reaper weak:

  • Cassidy
  • D.VA
  • Sombra
  • Pharah
  • Genji

Genji has very similar dodge abilities as Reaper, but if mastered by the rival player, can be lethal against you. Genji is extremely fast and unpredictable, making him one of the hardest to defeat for Reaper in 1v1. 

While being able to return heavy damage, Pharah is rather quick as a hero and can avoid Reaper’s aggressive flanks fast and with consequences. Cassidy, who has a medium-range ability with high damage, can leave Reaper dead fast and unpredicted. 

Wrapping Up

Reaper is a fun hero but can be very difficult to use when first getting started. Playing a few practice rounds would definitely help with understanding this hero’s skills. Along with having experience with other heroes and coming back to Reaper is always a good way to get an overall feel for how the mechanics of the game work.

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