Ultimate Overwatch 2 Reaper Guide

Ultimate Overwatch 2 Reaper Guide

Reaper has been a favorite character among Overwatch players since the first release of Overwatch. As we dive into Overwatch 2, this is the same case for Reaper as being a favorited damage character. Below we are going to explain everything you need to know about Reaper and the basics of how to play the hero. Let’s take a look!

Reaper Playstyle Basics

Reaper can be a difficult character to master, especially if you are not used to his mechanics. As a flanker, Reaper is best played when using his abilities to come behind enemy lines. Flanking the enemy is more of his annoying trait, but if you cannot aim very well, this playstyle will be extremely frustrating. 

Sometimes training is a good place to start with him so you can master the aim of this character, and play around with his abilities to get a good overall grip on the role of the character. Stability and area control is the main play of Reaper. 

Reaper seemed to lose some of his magic in Overwatch 2 after gameplay went from 6v6 to 5v5. Making the enemy less distracted and killing the Reaper’s flanks much faster. Another reason it is important to aim well and get some good practice in his abilities and different scenarios. 

Note: Make sure you are within close range of the enemy. As Reaper uses two shotguns, he will be useless from a long distance and will cause a lot of failed attempts for you and your team. 

Reaper’s Abilities and Tricks

Reapers Abilities and Tricks

Reapers’ abilities are pretty simple once they are mastered, although knowing when to use them can be difficult for a new player. Let’s take a look at each ability and how they can be used successfully!

Weapons – HellFire Shotguns

The HellFire SHotguns are the primary weapon for Reaper in any match. These double shotguns are lethal for close-contact damage and if aimed toward the head, can cause almost immediate elimination. 

The prey of Reaper should always be the enemies with a lower health pool. Eliminating these gives the rest of the team a chance to thus eliminate the tank, giving your team a huge advantage for advancement. 

Since the weapons were nerfed, the shotgun shells from once shooting 6 points of damage, now only make 5.4 points, although with increased radius, causing more damage to surrounding enemies rather directed to just one. This gives Reaper a more fair advantage over the enemy team and gives a fair chance to everyone involved. Although some hardcore reaper players have been in some frustrating situations with this new nerf. 

Ultimate – Death Blossom

Death Blossom is lethal when used at the right time. This Ultimate can leave everyone dead in the surrounding area. The Death Blossom is an action where the Reaper takes both weapons spinning in circles, causing everyone in this circle ultimately dead. Keep in mind, it is possible for tanks to outlast his ultimate and take Reaper down in mid-ult. This is extremely triggering and should be kept in mind when choosing to release the ulti. 

Active – Wraith Form

Wraith is one of the main active abilities of Reaper. Wraith Form allows the players to fly across the map faster, a lot like sprinting for most other characters. The best of this is Wraith Form allows the character to be free of any incoming damage. One of the best benefits of this ability for when put under a lot of enemy pressure. 

Wraith Form after activated can only be reactivated after 15 seconds, so make sure to use it only in moments that are the most needed. Typically this ability can be used if you are low on health and need to fly over a health pack, or need to quickly exit the firing zone to avoid extra damage. 

Active – Shadow Step

Active - Shadow Step

Shadow Step is one of the most lethal and fun abilities from the Reaper. Shadow Step gives players the ability to teleport anywhere nearby. This gives them the ability to flank the enemy, which is the main playstyle of Reaper, to begin with. This is a very important ability to use and should be carefully planned when using. 

Shadow Step can be best used when the enemy is focused in a certain direction. The best example is if the enemy is escorting a payload. Using Shadow Step to teleport behind the payload can give a huge advantage to your team, killing one or two low-health enemies is ideal when performing this ability. 

Passive – The Reaping

Depending on how well you deal damage, the Reaper can passively gain more health as he deals damage. This is extremely frustrating for enemies and a great advantage for Reaper players. 

In a 1v1 situation, the Reaping makes the Reaper stronger than his enemy and has a higher chance of surviving the resistance coming from the enemy’s damage. Learning how to dodge incoming damage and being in more discrete locations while dealing damage in a team fight, gives players an advantage in being the strongest among 

Note: Reaper’s prime targets are healers. They are the weakest and are typically behind the other players giving health. 

Reaper Combos in Overwatch 2

Reaper Combos in Overwatch 2

Any hero in Overwatch works better with other heroes that complement their playstyle. When it comes to the Reaper, the best heroes combine with his close-range combat, are some with long-range firepower. Some of the best combos would be:

  1. Reaper + Sombra
  2. Reaper + Ana
  3. Reaper + Zarya
  4. Reaper + Kiriko
  5. Reaper + Orisa

The best combos are always done with both heroes could use their supers at the same time. Although this can be quite difficult to do, it could help benefit the team significantly. For example, Sombra can use their ultimate to take down all enemy’s powers, while Reaper can then use his ultimate to eliminate everyone affected. 

Wrapping Up

Overall, Reaper is a great hero to use for short-range combat. Be careful of the medium-range enemies that can take you out pretty quickly if not paying attention. Using the abilities and passive healing correctly will ultimately cause significant damage to the enemy and a great advantage for you!

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