Adorable Home Redeem Codes

Adorable Home Redeem Codes

Adorable Homes is a unique simulation game that is LGBT+ friendly and has a relaxing and calming effect to its users. Read on to know more about the game and how to attain the codes for the game. 

What Is an Adorable Home?

Adorable home is a simulation game about couples living together. It is an LGBT+ friendly game. In the game, you can choose a partner, and you get to move in with the partner to a new home in the suburbs. 

Along with your partner, you will be sharing your home with a furry friend too. The furry friend is a cat named Snow. 

After you move in with your partner, you get to explore the game through experiences and instances that give the life-like feeling of moving in with a partner. 

List Of Adorable Home Codes 2021

Here is the list of Adorable Home codes and the amazing rewards that come with it. 

 Adorable Home Redeem Codes

Theme Of The Game

The main function of the game is to complete tasks such as feeding the cat, preparing meals with your partner, and collecting the hearts as a reward. 

You can use the ‘love’ to buy furniture, decorations, and more cats! With more cats in your home, you get to capture more adorable moments with your retro camera and collect them all in your photo album. 

As you earn more love, you will be getting access to areas such as the garden. In the garden, you will get an opportunity to gather more love from the woodland creatures as they visit. 

You will surely enjoy the game if you enjoy themes and activities that involve spending quality time with your partner and furnishing the home together. 

What Are Special Codes In Adorable Home?

The special codes in Adorable Homes are issued by the developer HyperBeard. They publish these special codes on social media; they have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

As of July, no new code has been released. These codes have an expiry and work for a limited time. You may get the message U.U. or Invalid code if the code is expired. 

These codes help earn more love, and therefore you get to speed up the process of unlocking and accessing new features. 

How To Get Codes In Adorable Home?

To get the code in Adorable Homes, keep an eye on the social media pages of HyperBeard so that you do not miss out on any code. They publish all of their codes there. 

After you get the code, go to the game settings, tap the heart button, and enter the code. 

Summing Up

Adorable home is a very interesting and enjoyable game. After a long day of work, if you do not want to fall into the loop of endless and mindless scrolling on social media, you can play Adorable Home to relax. 

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