Creating A Jumper Account: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners 2024

Creating A Jumper Account

While new gamers stay at level 1 with no troops, you can be at level 7 with several speedups and soldiers. If that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is! 

So, you want to learn how? Well, that’s easy. Creating a jumper account is your answer. 

When you have a jumper account, you play one kingdom for a few days. You then hop to a newly unlocked kingdom.  

This article is a beginner’s guide to creating a jumper account and jumping to a new kingdom. 

Why Make a Jumper Account?

Why do individuals make jumper accounts in the first place? That is because it will provide them with a significant edge over other participants. 

When a newbie makes a profile, he will be level one, whereas you would have an account that is Nine days old with all the potential activities you may accomplish before reaching city hall level eight. In addition, you will earn two beginning teleports.

What if you get bored with this account? Just make a new one and utilize your previous one as farming for your real account. 

How to Make a Jumper Account?

The first step in creating a jumper account is to select a kingdom to create your jumper account.

The first step is to establish a jumper account. This simple process needs you to go to Settings –> Character Management –> Create a New Character –> Choose a Kingdom.

Pick a good kingdom with little engagement or where your main account is located. You will indeed be able to cultivate without constantly being assaulted.


  • It only takes up to three days to level up your City Hall to Level 7.
  • You can have extra troop training for up to ten days.
  • There will be new resource collecting that may take up to ten days.
  • You stand a chance to win daily prizes for up to ten days.
  • You can benefit from event extensions.
  • Increase your power and momentum to join the best alliances.
  • You’ll have more time to plan and organize leaps.


  • After it’s all improved, it might become a little monotonous in the last few days.
  • The longer you remain, the more likely you are to be attacked. 

What to Do After Creating a Jumper Account?

  • The Alliance: It will assist with it all. You will receive boosts for gathering, attacking, researching, and so on. The key point is that you will receive an alliance chest with prizes. It is a significant benefit.
  • The Army: Training lines must remain active after nine days of prep. The more forces you train, the more troops you’ll have on the different servers to control.
  • The Barbarians: Kill barbarians daily if you observe the Lohar event and use all of your attack points. The Lohar event provides a plethora of speedups and gems.
  • The Resource Items: Do not utilize any of your available resources. They will require on the new server.
  • The Gathering: Collect as much as you can. You will require resources for building upgrades and training.
  • The Exploring: Before you leap, you must first visit 1500 towns and 400 caverns. It is much easier if you have got a tablet or a PC.
  • The Reading: Study additional guidelines so you can arrive in a new kingdom as prepared as possible.
  • The Farming: Create a farming account to assist you with farming and battling at the beginning.

Remember that it is the essential thing is to keep active. 

Also, aim to have the number of resources that you will require. Farming too much will raise your chances of getting attacked. 

The Jumper Group 

Wonder how does a jumper account help otherwise? Not only will you have a significant edge, but you will also be able to join the jumper group.  

Essentially, there is a group of individuals that will all jump into the new kingdom simultaneously. You can form a powerful union that will control the kingdom if you work together.

There are a lot of postings for jumper groups on the ROK official discord.

The Extra Loot and Civilization for Jumper Accounts

Civilization for Jumper Accounts

With a jumper account, you could get thousands of gems and gold sculptures. It includes speed and other ups and other resources.  In short, you were qualified to get the extra loot. 

The sad part is that this feature is no longer available. So what do you do?

  • If you’re planning to be a jumper or already are, let your account sit for 30 days after creation.
  • After being dormant for 30 days, you can log back in. 
  • You can now begin a new journey in a new kingdom. 
  • That will bring you more rewards for coming back. 

After this, the game will ask to start a civilization. So which one do you choose? 

  • You must start with either China or Britain. 
  • Here you have to choose which commander you want to start with.
  •  Choose a quest that will grab you more sculptures. 
  • Picking the right quest, in turn, will give you more power.  

Finally, it would be best if you took the opportunity to open a new account and devote your time to growing it.

The Wait Before Jumping

You’d need at least three days to complete all of your structures and studies.

Beyond that, the closer you get to the ten-day mark, the greater. The top alliance at the beginning of a new kingdom generally has an entry requirement of 100-200 thousand power depending on how many jumped. 

An engaged gamer should be able to get 250 thousand strengths in a week.

Summing Up

It is totally up to you whether to leap or not. 

If you want a head start and a higher chance of winning the game, this is your chance. You can also brag about ruling the kingdom with a jumper account. As your event progress will be stored, you will not obtain the same rewards twice. 

Momentum is extremely important in the Rise of Kingdoms. The strong become stronger, while the weak become weaker.

Beginning strong is one of the best strategies to get traction. And what better way to do so than by jumping?

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