VIP points In Rise Of Kingdoms

VIP points In Rise Of Kingdoms

Every game has its reward systems and gift-earning ways. The VIP points in the Rise of Kingdoms are a way of earning rewards and benefits for your Alliance. 

Rise of Kingdoms VIP has several passive earning prospects which you can use as gifts to your city. It is quite simple: the higher your VIP level, the more the benefits and rewards you receive. 

Each day, if you are a player, you can collect about 200 VIP Points completely free of cost in the VIP section. It is located at the top left corner of your screen.

What Is a VIP Points System?

It is a reward system that provides powerful bonuses and sculptures based on the VIP rank in the Rise of Kingdoms. The higher your VIP rank, the more benefits you receive. 

The game also has a VIP shop, which is unlocked when you get your City Hall to level 5. The shop has several items that you can buy at cheaper rates.

Earning VIP points 

Earning VIP points is not a difficult job. You can do it in more than one way. 

Alliance Shop and Purchase Packages 

Depending on your VIP tier, you can earn VIP points every time you purchase at the Alliance shop.

When you collect more points, you go further in the VIP tier list. It would help if you had enough Alliance credits to purchase the packages from the shop. 

50,000 alliance credits can help you purchase one item, which will reward you up to 100 VIP points.

If your Alliance shop does not have any VIP points available, inform the leader of your Alliance. They can then add VIP points to the store. 

To purchase VIP packages, you can earn Alliance Credits by building forts, flags, engaging in research, participating in events, donating resources, or helping other Alliance members. 

VIP points

Spending Gems and VIP points 

Spending one gem on vip will give you one VIP. If you wish to increase your VIP level in the game, the fastest way to do so is by spending your gems. 

By spending your gems during the More Than Games event, you can earn more VIP points via gems. However, you can wait for the event out if you aren’t in a rush to get up the VIP tiers. 

VIP and Level Up

You will earn VIP points each time you have enough XP to level up. You can earn VIP points easily by just leveling up. It helps you advance further in the game as well. 

Though this isn’t a very quick method, it will be useful in gaining other rewards and will up your game. 

Daily Login VIP Points

You can view your VIP level status at the top left corner of your screen. Every day, you can redeem 200 VIP points by logging and clicking on the VIP status. 

You can earn more points by logging in consecutively. Frequent logging can help you make the most of daily VIP points. 

Alliance Rewards and VIP Points

Every time someone in your Alliance buys a chest, you can earn VIP points. Joining an Alliance which spends a lot will also help you earn more VIP points. You can even earn VIP points when you open these chests. However, it does not happen every time.

Alliance rewards include 1000, 200, 100, 50, or 10 VIP points.

VIP Point Milestones

You can unlock the VIP shop according to your VIP level. It happens when you get to Level 5. That means you will spend fewer gems to buy things. 

At VIP Level 6, you can unlock the permanent second builder, which will help you grow at a much faster rate. At Level 7, you can unlock valuable speedups in the VIP shop. 

When you get to VIP Level 10, you will receive a legendary commander sculpture and other resources within the Level 10 daily exclusive chest. 

You can also buy the Special Privileges Chest each time you get bumped to a new VIP level. It has several valuable items at lower prices. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how easy it is to earn VIP points and how useful they are, earn as many VIP points as possible! 

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