Anime Fighting Simulator X Champions Tier List: Best Champions

Anime Fighting Simulator X Champions Tier List

In the vast universe of “Anime Fighting Simulator X”, understanding champion tiers is fundamental to a player’s progress. Champions play an indispensable role, helping players gain advantages in battles.

While there are six distinctive tiers or realities in this game, the main distinction to remember is that champions ranging from common to epic tiers don’t exactly stand out with any special abilities. Instead, they primarily serve the role of boosting players’ statistics. We also recommend you check out Anime Fighting Simulator X codes so you can get free rewards that will boost your progression.

To help you navigate the vast array of Anime Fighting Simulator X Champions, we’ve established a tier system with five distinct grades:

  • Tier S – Overpowered
  • Tier A – Balanced
  • Tier B – Slightly Underpowered
  • Tier C – Underpowered
  • Tier D – The Worst

Anime Fighting Simulator X Champions Tier List

Champion NameTier Rating
Sage NarutoS

Sage Naruto S-Tier

With a steep price of 1500 Robux, Sage Naruto brings a lot to the arena. A balanced 25 overall damage increment is paired with 30 extra HP, but the highlight is the ability to heal allies, solidifying its position in the “good tier.”

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Boro S-Tier

Highly regarded and often deemed the best-tier champion, Boro is a game-changer. With a unique 15% chance of deploying a robust Roar when assaulted, this champion doesn’t just stop there. It offers enhancements in durability, chakra, and strength, making it a cornerstone in many strategies.

Navi S-Tier

Not just another pretty face, Navi is a literal goldmine. She has an uncanny ability to grant players a steady income of 50 Yen every minute. This amount sees a hike with higher ranks and levels. A champion that pays for itself, Navi is rightfully placed in the best tier.

Thor S-Tier

Holding a revered spot in the best tier, Thor is a true warrior. Offering a staggering +35 extra damage for swords and strength, Thor also has a unique ability. When health teeters below the 50% line, he doubles the damage, making him a game-changer.

Lucy A-Tier

Lucy, is a force to be reckoned with. With +30 strength attacks and a significant reduction in attack cooldowns, Lucy parallels the mighty madara. However, Lucy has an elusive charm, making her a prized catch for any player.

Might A-Tier

Standing tall in the “good tier”, Might is a force when health gets precarious. It awards an extra 50 damage when health drops below the halfway mark and couples this with a +25 strength damage increment.

Pain A-Tier

Worthy of its “good tier” badge, Pain delivers a formidable +30 Chakra damage increase and beefs up with +25 extra HP.

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Quake A-Tier

A champion that thrives under pressure, Quake has the unique ability to unleash double damage when the player’s vitality is dwindling below the 25% mark.

Brule A-Tier

A decent all-rounder, Brule is fortified with +30 Health and the rare capability to execute critical attacks. If that wasn’t enough, when health is critically low below 25%, Broly has a self-healing mechanism.

Dracula B-Tier

Often perceived as the middle-of-the-road choice, Dracula might not be your first pick if you’re relying heavily on swordplay. His sword attacks don’t pack the punch you’d expect from a champion of his caliber.

Remu B-Tier

With a price tag of 700 Robux, Remu offers value in the form of a 15% extra damage boost, complimented by a 15% ability cooldown reduction. This combination can make battles slightly more in your favor.

Falcon B-Tier

If strength is your play, Falcon might be your ally. Providing a 15% bump in Strength damage and a noticeable enhancement in flight speed, this champion can be the wind beneath your wings.

Cell B-Tier

Diverse and adaptable, Cell offers a trifecta of benefits: 15% Strength damage increase, an added 15% HP, and a nifty 10% chance to regain health while dealing blows to NPCs or other players.

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