Anime World Tower Defense Units Tier List – Best Unit 2024

Anime World Tower Defense Units Tier List

If you’re a fan of Anime World Tower Defense, you’re well aware that choosing the right unit can make or break your gaming experience. A resource like the Anime World Tower Defense tier list becomes invaluable for such decisions.

Anime World Tower Defense Tier List is designed to help players identify the best units for domination in the game, this list outlines each unit’s unique stats, abilities, rarity, and power levels. Keep in mind, however, that not all units are created equal—some reign supreme in almost every aspect, while others lag behind.

Anime World Tower Defense Units Tier List

Unit NameTier RatingRarityType
Capsule GirlSSuper RareBlue
Charuto (Chakra Mode)SUltra RareYellow
CotaroSSuper RarePurple
Crimson WaifuSSecretRed
Dark BeardSUltra RarePurple
Dark HollowSLegend RareGreen
Dark Kongkun (Awaken)SUltra RareRed
Dragoneye (Awaken)SUltra RarePurple
FatherSLegend RareBlue
Ice ShinigamiSSuper RareBlue
InvestigatorSUltra RarePurple
Kasuke (Susanoo)SUltra RarePurple
Kongkun (UltraSigm)SLegend RareWhite
Pure ArcherSSuper RareBlue
PurgatorySLegend RareRed
UnlimitedSLegend RarePurple
Dark KongkunAUltra RareRed
DragoneyeAUltra RarePurple
Evil KaiALegend RareGreen
Falcon EyeALegend RareGreen
Hoku (100%)AUltra RareBlue
ManalaALegend RareBlue
Pink MaidASuper RareRed
Red ArcherALegend RareRed
Red HairALegend RareRed
ShizakuAUltra RareRed
SilentAUltra RareBlue
Soul PantherAUltra RareBlue
The GrapplerAUltra RareRed
Thorn PrincessARareRed
Veshita (Majin)ASuper RareYellow
Veshita (SSJG)AUltra RareBlue
Water MagicianAUltra RareBlue
Blood WingBRareBlue
Charuto (Sage)BRareGreen
Dragon Slayer (Red)BRareRed
Hidden Mist DemonBUltra RareGreen
JonosBUltra RareYellow
Kasuke (Akatsuki)BRareRed
Konghan (SSJ)BUltra RareGreen
Kongkun (SSJ)BSuper RareYellow
Kongkun (SSJG)BUltra RareRed
Kriezer Full PowerBUltra RarePurple
KrolyBSuper RareGreen
Lightning GodBUltra RareYellow
Muda BoyBRareBlue
One Eye MonsterBRareRed
Pink Hair BoyBUltra RarePurple
PinkyBUltra RareRed
Psychic BoyBRareBlue
SanjiroBSuper RareBlue
Slime LordBUltra RareBlue
BarustCLegend RareYellow
Beast MaskCRareGreen
Gem GirlCRarePurple
Ghost SpeechCSuper RarePurple
Golden SpinnerCSuper RareBlue
Half ElfCRareBlue
Hunter KidCSuper RareGreen
KillerCSuper RareYellow
Mage ChildCSuper RareYellow
PaneCSuper RarePurple
Ruffy (TS)CSuper RareRed
Salo (TS)CSuper RareGreen
Sword ControllerCSuper RareRed
TakashiCSuper RarePurple
Virtual SwordmanCRareGreen

Delving into the Anime World Tower Defense tier list, we find it neatly organized into tiers:

  • Tier S for those powerhouse units that are outright overpowered,
  • Tier A for the balanced
  • Tier B for the slightly underpowered
  • Tiers C and D for the underperforming and the absolute worst, respectively.

So, how did we come to these conclusions? Well, it’s a combination of elements, really. From studying high-end accounts, testing units under optimal conditions, to dialogues with veteran players—these factors collectively shape the tier list. However, we’ve intentionally excluded aspects like chance, buffs, and debuffs from our assessments. We believe that these elements, although impactful, tend to be variable and specific to individual players.

About Anime World Tower Defense Tier List

It’s not a one-size-fits-all guide, and you might find your gameplay preferences sway your unit choices beyond what the tier list suggests. And that’s perfectly okay! The Anime World Tower Defense tier list is by no means a strict rulebook. In fact, we welcome debates and disagreements regarding the unit ratings. We encourage all players to share their thoughts, observations, and disagreements.

Don’t be afraid to test these units individually in Anime World Tower Defense. You’ll not only get hands-on experience of how they fare in different scenarios, but you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the game’s mechanics. This is a valuable strategy especially when updates roll in, often shaking up the unit rankings

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